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    How to stay positive during a divorce?

    I am not really sure how, but I guess accepting the divorce (regardless who is right or wrong and you know you are not the 小三), grieving the death of the marriage, forgiving them and know that you can have a better future will set you free and be a positive person? Jiayou!
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    Have you ever wished your spouse dead?

    This is an indicator that you are not happy in the marriage. Better do something about it.
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    Hb and porn, pls advice

    Watching porn behind wife’s back is like hiding things behind her back. Being secretive etc. Can wife trust husband to do right things when wife not around? Wouldn’t it affect trust? And I think watching porn affects intimacy between the couple.
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    Anger and Domestic Violence

    Have you done anything wrong against her previously? Like cheat on her, hurt her emotions or disappoint her big time...
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    I can't live with my mil anymore..

    Anyone’s husband afraid to speak up for wife in front of his own mother or to correct his own mother? Why? What kind of a man would be like this? If husband cannot prioritise wife over his mother or expect wife to suck it up, how to continue the married? Any successful examples to share?
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    Hahahah. Ermm.. Why you like that though?
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    Can I still salvage my marriage?

    I wonder what happened to Gently Mellodious’ marriage. I feel that once a woman has a change in heart, it would be hard to salvage.
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    Cataract Op

    Hi, anyone’s family member has diabetes, mild retinopathy and cataract? Would like to know if this would complicate cataract operation and recovery, please. Thank you.
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    I can't live with my mil anymore..

    Can your husband speak to his mother and gently correct the behaviors which frustrate you? Hopefully it will improve the r/ If cannot, speak to your husband about alternate arrangement for your mil. If he can’t empathize with you, prioritise you over his mother or expect you to suck it up and...
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    Thanks for your replies!! I am married for less than 4years but gradually I begin to feel that my husband married me only because it is a natural progression in life and out of his own needs. When difficulties strike and I am at my lowest, he can easily say divorce because he don’t think “this”...
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    Confusion over lack of Sex in Marriage

    following key points in your msg: - I feel generally no sexual desire to her. - However I now began to realise that deep inside I yet to accept her fully. And that's the reason for our lack of intimacy in the relationship. - But certain inner mechanism or thinking pattern prohibited me from...
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    How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?

    Anyone felt like Bf/husband doesn't love you and is just going through the motion to get married, just like a normal life progression?