How do you know if boyfriend/husband truly loves you?


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Anyone felt like Bf/husband doesn't love you and is just going through the motion to get married, just like a normal life progression?


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Not sure what's your context here, but marriage is lifetime journey and not a milestone to clear like
what you mentioned, a life progression. It's important to understand marriage is not a conclusion
to a relationship. Infact, it's the beginning of 50 -60 years of commitment. It requires hell lot of
time investment , constant nurturing and recoveries ( after fights )
Everyone gets married on the a positive vibe with 100% affirmation of their decision, and yet there
are so many broken vows and marriages. If you gets marry while having doubts or 2nd thoughts...
That's the cookie cutter approach in Singapore - PSLE, O-levels, A-Levels/Poly, Uni ....then career, HDB appln, ROM .... it's a conveyor belt system ....

Maybe if you meet a non-Singaporean guy, the story might be different, just saying ....

We need to change our approach to courtship and marriage. those skills are not taught in schools. Communication skills between couples are more than "what can i get you for breakfast, lunch or dinner" ....


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Thanks for your replies!! I am married for less than 4years but gradually I begin to feel that my husband married me only because it is a natural progression in life and out of his own needs.

When difficulties strike and I am at my lowest, he can easily say divorce because he don’t think “this” is what he signed up for or this is not what he wants or when angry can ask me to get out of the house.

All these made me think/feel that he married me only bcuz 1) marriage is a natural progression in his life; 2) of all the good things in a marriage and 3) what I can give him.. and not because he loves me, wants to be with me, grow old with me, protect me etc...
You're saying that your husband changed after marriage? Became cavalier towards the relationship whereas before marriage he was all into you?