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    WTS: Local Designer Danny L Gowns & Others

    1. Elegrance ROM / Day White Dress - Here 2. Danny L Sweetheart Cut White Gown - Here 3. Chinese Tea Ceremony Cheongsam - Here 4. Evening Purplish Gold Deep V Glitter Gown - Here 5. Elegrance Bolero (paired with Wedding Gown for New Look) - Here For Mothers or Mother-In-Law 1...
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    can anyone share their events coy that decorated the Vanda Ballroom? Fiona very slow in her response :(
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    Tranfer Case Successful?

    Anyway did a transfer successfully? What are the usual course of action? Please advise as we are keen with one package but also want to exercise caution.
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    WTS Hotel Rendezvous Wedding Banquet in 2019

    is this still available?
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    Crowne Plaza Hotel, Changi Airport

    any reviews on crown plaza? i can't find many reviews.
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    Marina Mandarin Singapore

    anyone can share comments about Vanda Ballroom? I read reviews that the ceiling is very low and very cramped and sound system isn't good.
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    Pan Pacific Wedding Dinner Tables to let go

    Can PM me the details too? thank you
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    Dinner package @ Mandarin Oriental

    is this still available? how much are you letting go?
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    Pan Pacific Wedding Dinner Tables to let go

    Is this still available?
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    Wts conrad centennial 16 March 19 Lunch

    how much are you looking to let go?
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    Malaysian Tour Agencies

    Anyone used to book their tours from Malaysian Tour Agencies? My friend went on her Korea Trip via a Malaysian Tour Agent and paid RM4000 for the whole trip. Was planning one to Rome. Anyone have any ideas?
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    MUA Recommendations

    Can i know how much is Valda charging for ROM 1 look for MUA and Hairstyling?
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    MUA & Hairstylist

    Can share with me her contact too? Roughly how much does she charge?