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    20 years relationship I can't loss him

    Its not your husband fault to be like this to begin with. When you were having extramarital affair with another man, he beg you to come back and wiling to forgive you and on top of that, he still willing to shower you with gifts. He already lost his soul and pride as a man by doing so. And yet...
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    Evil Boss

    Mine was a direct superior that I report to, both of us have similar years of working experience and she's just a year older than me. When my father fell critical ill last year almost succumbed to lung failure due to parkinson, We had a trash talk meeting due to my work performance, I mean if...
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    How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?

    Dear administrator, Kindly assist me to remove this thread please? Thank you!
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    Advice on Divorce Lawyers?

    I personally have one. Michael from Clifford Law LLP. Just mention Eric refer you to him.
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    How do you know?

    Well, in my case is that whenever my ex-wife is angry with me, she will threaten me with divorce. After some time, I gladly grant her wish.
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    Forgot to Update: Final Judgement granted. Nightmare over liao.
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    I just got my marriage annul, I can recommend my lawyer, may not be the cheapest, but take pride in his work and he's able to advice you on your next step. PM me if you want his contact.
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    Whoa, I have never expect my post to escalate to such level of discussion.. Nonetheless, with regards to some of the posts here. Dear wluyan, I totally understand where you are coming from and I am in no intention to disagree your take on this. Agreed on that I sign the marriage certificate...
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    Hello meiji5, Plaintiff have to attend court hearing while defendant may not need to be present.
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    Correct, when you pass on, all your asset belongs to her, including your CPF. Unless your will state otherwise.
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    Anyway, as per last replied I made in August. I have attended my court hearing. She was there... Awkwardly... But nonetheless, IJ granted. There's not much ancillary matters, other than handover her share of the car she throw in initially and miscellaneous stuffs. Now wait for three months for...
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    Guys, stop arguing, bashing or attacking or flaming each other lah. Everyone got their individual perspective and its subjective. There's nothing wrong with sharing opinion. Just agree to disagree shall we. Hahahaa
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    Do you throw away things given by your ex after your breakup?

    Hello Liliput, I do that to give myself a fresh start. I don't keep in touch with my exs, regardless happy or disastrous ending. Even if they were to message me, I will ignore. If you feel that you owe him an apology and it makes you feel better, apologies and whether he reply or not, at least...
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    And to fellow forummers who have been following this thread since March, just a quick update, again, that I am scheduled for hearing soon.