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    My conflict with Mother In Law

    Hi Mikini, First of all, don't wish being positive, just do it. Secondly, you should be glad that your bf mom is showing the worst as you said. Wouldn't it be too late if it only happened after marriage? There are many in laws treat their daughter in law really well before marriage and turned...
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    Any JP to recommend?

    Yes, it's Simon Sim Khee Wang. You can email him at [email protected] to inquire his availability.
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    Any JP to recommend?

    My JP was Simon. He was expectedly entertaining and friendly. But I guess, he's too popular so you need to book him wayyy earlier. :)
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    Entertainment during Rom

    I engaged Wow Magic. They were decent and package was affordable. You can try.
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    How to Get over it

    Move on dude. Whatever the girl is crying over can't compare the family you had. Unless something went wrong between you and your wife caused you to seek for emotional affair elsewhere. So still, you should look into your marriage first and find out what went wrong in resulting such complicated...
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    Married but....

    You are just too bored with your happy family after being married for 6 years. Life's always like that. When things go so well, you will just wish for some drama or spices in your life. But when things go all wrong, you would wish that you can have some peace in your life. What can you say? The...
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    My [30m] girlfriend [28f] always say I'm useless and her mom [50s] agrees

    What will be, it will be. Let 'Fate' decide for the guy and the girl if they will end up together. :)
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    Needed opinions

    Maybe you should find out the real reason why he is blowing at you. That way you will know what caused it and problem can be solved. Divorce is not a simple procedure. It might seemed like an easy way out but the procedure is so harsh on the people involved physically and mentally that you...
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    Too much to handle or am I just too selfish

    First of all, your wife is a selfish bitch based on your words. I must emphasize that 'bitch' word to make the overall summary of her as a person. Secondly, a selfish bitch will never give in to any request/demands/settlement that does not benefit them. So this means you are going to expect...
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    Desperate need for advice

    Let your boyfriend handle it. It's his son, not yours. (Sorry for being direct) If he want to file against her, so be it. He should of all know what to do. You shouldn't be worrying for him.
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    My conflict with Mother In Law

    Hi Sheena, I read your stuff. I don't really know what exactly happens. It's kind of difficult to imagine the real situation. But I can advise you to try to be assertive with her. It works on me twice in a row this week. I wasn't a person who deals with conflict. I was always too nice. Until...
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    Living with in-laws?

    I just came back from a holiday trip with my fil and step mil. It was a total disaster. I was treated like a slave and I protested. We had a "talk" and I pointed my father-in-law's mistake. (Fortunately, my husband supported me and didn't allow them to continue bullying me) I deleted my step mil...
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    Suffer from depression

    I had depression before. With the help of the psychologist and also self will to want to become happy, I am now much better person than I was. Focus on what that can make you happy/important. Whatever that cause you to go into depression, most of the time they are things that we can't control...
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    Need Serious Advice, in a direction seeming wrong but feels too right

    I had an experience before with a guy that doesn't share his Facebook. What I found out was he wasn't what he said he was. And on top of that, he lie alot even to the extent of his identity.
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    What should I do?

    Whatever you do, think for the kids. Decide of what is best for them.