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  • In fact , the most shocking one was the card on each table that stated the menu and bride and bridegroom name, it was a wrong bride name. We highlighted to them immediately , they re print from their printer and change . Luckily we saw or else it is really a big joke and what another embarrassment.
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    thats ridiculous! how could they make such an error!!!!
    you should report it to the higher management
    Two days before the event , we asked who we should give the CDs , only to be told sarcastic remarks like , we have one pair of hands , "so how do we play the music for you? get your own audio man in".
    When we went to the show, we asked about the music and how we go about it. They said to pass them the CDs and they control as they DO not allow us to touch their audio stuff as it is rather costly. Understanding and agreeing , we prepared only the CDs.
    As only a few of these guests drank , we are upset as to why Tim Palace does things this way. They should know that wedding are very much a "once in a lifetime" issue. The waitress right up to the Managers (black jacket) mainly foreigners are pretty "rude" and almighty high attitude.
    Somehow the free flow of hard liquor , beer and red wine may just be simply some marketing strategies. What came was just two bottles of half open bottles ( I believe from previous wedding or used by other customers previously) cos there was no new bottles at all. So one of the invited guests who was pissed off by the long wait asked why is it and it highlighted to us on the issue.
    Their packages basically covered dinner and free flow of hard liquor, beer , red wine and soft drinks/tea. One has to choose the menu of $628 to $728. If confirmed minimum of 15 tables then you will be able to use the ballroom B or C with no extra charges otherwise extra charges apply . Another option is to take ballroom A with main entrance open to public, no privacy and unable to do the wedding March.
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