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    AD wedding lunch videography / livestream 26.12.2021

    For videography, can check out this list: For livestream, can refer to this list:
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    Fengshui Master

    Can check out this list with pricing and ratings:
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    Aimin slimming

    Yes, my advice will be try something easy to do first, like reducing sugar in your food and eliminate tidbits. Once you see results in 2 weeks time, you'll be motivated to continue. :)
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    Aimin slimming

    If you would like to accelerate your weight loss, you may want to consider doing the following. This is what I've done to drop my weight from 78kg to 64kg in a year's time. These are just some lifestyle changes that will continue to keep your weight loss after you've finished your slimming...
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    Revenge on the home wrecker

    Also, please note that if you publish the person's private data online, you are likely breaking the law and you'll end up criminally charged instead:
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    wedding hashtag

    You can also try posting it in our Telegram group:
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    BTB 2021

    If you are interested, you may like to join our Telegram group and channel: SingaporeBrides BTB 2021: SingaporeBrides Channel: (Get updates on wedding vendors, promos and new articles!)
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    Advice needed for wedding prep! (bride no parents)

    We've asked the professionals at The Chinese Wedding Shop for their advice and this is what they've suggested: If possible, invite a close auntie and uncle to take on the role as your parents for GDL and wedding day. Alternatively, being surrounded by bridesmaids and close friends are fine too...
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    2022 bride to be

    Hi all, We've created a new 2022 BTB Telegram group here: