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    Please delete this thread

    Hi please help to delete this 2 threat, thanks.
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    Wedding items for sales

    1) Handmade unique shuang xi word - $20 Use three weeks to completed, materials cost ~$100, can stand itself. 2) Traditional wedding slipper, 1 pair $6, 2 pair $10. (Didn't wear before) 3) Deco wedding bear (new), height 15cm - $5 4) Ring pillow (new), 16x16cm - $3 5) 3D Wooden...
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    Can I edit my threat

    Moderators, I need to make some changes for my threat, may I know how do I edit? I can see the edit button when I post my threat but now cannot see the edit button. That's a bit inconvenient we cannot delete our post.
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    How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?

    Hi, please help to remove the threat below, thanks.
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    Props to let go

    4. Bear bear 10cm (new) $5 5. Bear bear ring pillow from lovely lace, 15cm $25 6. Bear bear in basket from lovely lace, $50 (take with ring pillow one set $60) My hp is 81000127, can drop me a text also if you are interested.
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    Props to let go

    1. Unique Handmade Giant shuang xi word I use three weeks to finish it, materials fee around $120. Sale: $100, Rent: $10/day(with $100 refundable deposit) 2.Hair accessory Yellow: $8 Pink: $8 3. Ring Pillow 12cm X 12cm (Brand new) $ 10 Please drop me an email if you are...