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chee yoon hui

New Member
1. Unique Handmade Giant shuang xi word
I use three weeks to finish it, materials fee around $120.
Sale: $100, Rent: $10/day(with $100 refundable deposit)
shuang xi word.jpg

2.Hair accessory
Yellow: $8
Pink: $8
yellow hair ring.jpg
pink hair ring.jpg

3. Ring Pillow 12cm X 12cm (Brand new) $ 10
ring bearer.jpg

Please drop me an email if you are interested. [email protected] (last four digit is zero one two three, not O)

chee yoon hui

New Member
4. Bear bear 10cm (new) $5

5. Bear bear ring pillow from lovely lace, 15cm $25
ring pillow.jpg

6. Bear bear in basket from lovely lace, $50 (take with ring pillow one set $60)
ring pillow bear set.jpg

My hp is 81000127, can drop me a text also if you are interested.