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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    I was so happy i found the gown and totally forgot about taking a picture of it..The next time I go for fitting, I will take a picture to show u!
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Let me know which gown u choose if u go down!
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    Hi ryo, Which villa is it the one on the picture? Please share! I am still planning for my honeymoon and would really love to go there if the price is less than 6k
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi estva, yes I got my gown from the gown warehouse! Was introduced by my friend..and i feel so lucky that i found them. Absolutely love their concept! They feature a wide range of gowns!! I got myself a really beautiful bustier gown with alot of crystals, my fiance says j looked stunning in...
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    i have just check clubmed cost $11400 for 4 nights on the water villa..but all food and drinks provided. and $2700 for 4 nights at the superior room that is not on the waters. :( so sad. i feel already go until there must stay on the water villa. but the price difference is so...
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    Any recommendation of wedding traditional cakes

    ladies check out the precious moments cakes! beautiful boxes
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    wedding Village - wedding fair

    hi chti87, i saw the facebook page of the wedding village, and i am very excited! am going there to look for a good baker for my wedding cake..and make up artiste..seems like a very big event! which day are u going? have u signed up for the goodie bag?
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi babe u should check out the gown warehouse. Its new in singapore. i booked my gown there. u will not regret going there.
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    wedding Village - wedding fair

    Hi anyone going for the wedding fair at suntec city end of this month?? The wedding village!
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    Bridesmaid dress - Rent or Custom made?

    hi may i know if there's a website to check out the bridesmaid dresses? and hows the quality? i am looking at making 6
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    (2013/11) Nov 2013 BTB

    hi all! any gd mua to recommend??
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    how much would u pay for a wedding gown?

    Hi all, I am a BTB in 2014, am looking around for wedding gowns, i was just wondering, how much is reasonable for a wedding gown? would u all pay more for a very pretty gown that looks very good on u? or price is the main consideration? please advise! need some help!
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    Any BTB MTM Wedding Gown From China Website

    I feel wedding gowns cannot buy from online, cos we need to try to see how it looks from us. Its once in a lifetime affair! i rather pay more and buy/rent one from here. My friend ordered from china websites, and it was such a total disappointment, and she was so desperate and in the end had to...