how much would u pay for a wedding gown?


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Hi all,

I am a BTB in 2014, am looking around for wedding gowns, i was just wondering, how much is reasonable for a wedding gown?

would u all pay more for a very pretty gown that looks very good on u? or price is the main consideration?

please advise! need some help!


If you don't mind second hand gown, do check out for some bridal shop clearance sale. The price range is around $100-$800 depend on bridal studio and design. If you want to buy online, be prepare around $200-$500, however the design might not turn up to be what you expect at time, 70%-90% look alike with the photos, not for fuzzy bride.. The best will be MTM, tailor a gown range from $900 onwards, depending on what you expect..