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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi Sept BTB, how is everyone doing? Any more to-do list before AD? :)
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    I need some suggestions

    if u feel not going for a wedding dinner becos of the huge size of ur family, maybe u can cater for buffet catering at ur home or ur HTB home too nowadays quite alot of ppl did their wedding without the wedding dinner to save the hassle to make it a very simple but happy wedding. :)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Good morning BTB, hope everyone is doing well for the wedding preparations. Btw, have a qn. During the wedding dinner banquet, the childhood and pre wedding disc are to be played before the 1st march in or after the 1st march in? :) :)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi BTB, how the preparations going on? Have everyone confirmed ur wedding dinner tables? Decided on the table arrangments alrdy? Have a qn for all BTB, if e.g we have booked for 20 tables on AD, there are additional 3 more pax which mean total 203 pax how do we allocate seat for them...
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    Up for awareness!!!
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    solemnisation timing at ROM

    Yes, when u book the solemnization date online, they will let u choose the various timing they have. Rember to book earlier. :)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi Simplyblack, saw ur "have not done list" : have some inquiry on the below : pls share share with me~~ - guest book --> when u buy wedding band or book banquet dinner, they shall give u 1 guest book FOC? - caterer --> Caterer for buffet on AD outside ur hse or groom hse? -...
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi, u mean u do the montage disc urself? which program r u using btw? can share? Thks!
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    An Chuang & Guo Da Li Items - where to buy?

    We get our Guo Da Li stuffs at La Knot too Can get all the items u need over there and the prices are reasonable too.
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi our AD is on 21 Sept 13!!! 6 days before urs :):) Yes 8 Sept is a good day for Guo Da Li. Thanks for sharing ur changing of gown for PS and AD. Keep in touch. Cheers~~~ :)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi simplyblack, when is ur AD? 8 Sept is a good day for Guo Da Li Btw, did all of u sign up package with bridal shop? If yes, do u wear the same wedding gown on ur pre wedding photos and on AD or u r wearing different wedding gown on AD?? :) :)
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi everyone, for the emcee for ur wedding dinner, who did u approach? ur family, friends or colleagues or engage a experienced emcee outside?
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    Anyone knw of any free software or template of self create montage***e

    thanks for sharing will try windows live movie maker
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    (2013/09) Sep 2013 BTB

    Hi misstiny, congrats on ur wedding :) Our wedding is on Sept too, on the 21st saw on ur blog u took up Bee Hoon Production for ur AD will like to know for the $1288 package is for photography only or for BOTH photography and videography?