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    recommand a 5 to 6 day honeymoon

    Yes, there are local tours in Rotorua, not sure about hamilton. But if it is the LOTR dinner, u need to stay in matamata, and inform them in advance. Best is to email and check with them.
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    New Zealand Roadtrip

    NZ would make a very nice relaxing honeymoon trip. Driving is less stressful than sg. 1-way, and mostly law abiding. Lots of traffic police along the way during hols season. I have been using for all my trips. Self-drive and backpacking. They are pretty accurate so far. Lodging may be...
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    Unreasonable Dowry

    Reira, is good that both families not that traditional. My mum didnt know how much to ask. So, I ask on her behalf $188. Just for show. But anyway, half of everything will be returned. Kristine, i think the main thing is not other stuff, I think is the pin jin. Earning alot doesnt mean they...
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    what is the worst thing that can happen to you?

    Try to take any setback as a test. I always tell myself, 1 year later from today, this problem will disappear. PS. I always secretly hope that I can fast forward time. Sometime when u lose something precious, you will gain something priceless. Stay strong!
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    Honeymoon expense and length

    Florence quite nice to shop. But factory outlet need to travel out. Stockholm and Lucerne have quite alot of shops too. Anyway, planning is part of the experience! Hehe.
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    Honeymoon expense and length

    Wow. $250 per night! I see that you specifically picked the shopping stuff. Haha, as long as your hb is okay. My hb always like to change the location if it is meant for shopping, have to show him something nice in those places instead. Yes, london is very expensive. I spent quite abit on...
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    Honeymoon expense and length

    My first trip have mixture of hotels and hostels. Mostly hostels. But the last 2 trips all hotels. The 15k have 2/3 boutique hotels so per night is $250 and above. And I spent quite a bit on food and rides. (Eg. Reindeer sleigh, husky sleigh, etc) Generally, if it is not the peak season and u...
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    Can I rent gown for overseas wedding?

    The cost is not much different with dry cleaning and amendments. And, I dun have special preference for a gown. Of course when I signed up for the package, I make sure they write black and white that they are not going to charge me for that rental.
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    Wedding Lunch on Saturday

    I have attended saturday lunch. A saturday lunch vs a sunday lunch doesnt make much difference for me(as a guest). As long as you are not planning to "play" (gatecrash), you should have more than enough time. Other type of planning usually done few days or a week earlier. Collection of gowns...
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    Can I rent gown for overseas wedding?

    Only indonesia. Spend about a week there, and I cant assure that i can return the clothes on the day I landed in SG, plus and minus, I asked for 2 weeks. But the dress I wore in SG is different as the days I wanted is booked by another couple.
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    Honeymoon expense and length

    1st trip (backpacking): 4k (19days) - SG>Frankfurt>Berlin>Stockholm>Den Haag/Utretch/Eindhoven>Paris>Switzerland(Basel)>Milan>Rome>London (Poor Student Package) 2nd trip (tour package) : 5k (12 days) - Italy+Switzerland+Paris (Parents Sponsored) 3rd trip (backpacking + 3 days car rental): 12k...
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    Honeymoon expense and length

    I have been to some of the places during May and December. Seems like you are only going to stop by only the bigger city of the countries. It's a honeymoon, 2D 1N is too exhausting IMO. Taking train from one place to another would drain half day already. Scandinavian countries should set it...
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    Ang bao rate and who to give

    Hi, I have a simple gatecrash, groom just gave my maid of honor (moh) a red packet. No special games. Small banquet 120pax. But it depends how much u require their help and how much u can afford. I gave about $180 each. But some of them "bao" back the same amount. :oops: Few weeks before the...
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    Can I rent gown for overseas wedding?

    I had 2 wedding (1 overseas). My bridal boutique allow me to borrow for 2 weeks with deposit.
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    Need help !

    Actually hor, tea ceremony is the guy side first one. The female side is when married liao then go back as a MRS (三朝回门) to serve tea. Only modern couple and parents want to save the trouble then close an eye. Go psycho your htb to convince his side. :oops: