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    Where to have wedding dress alteration?

    Hi, I would like to have the contact too! My email at [email protected] Thanks!
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    Emcee Script from ROM

    I would be grateful to have one too! My email at [email protected]
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    WTS post wedding deco

    What is the size of the "me to you" bears?
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    Good JP to recommend?

    Hi, I need some recommendations and help too. AD is less than 3 Mths away but I haven't managed to find any yet. Tried all those on the popular lists and have been unsuccessful. I hope to find someone who I can meet up before, so that we get to know each other slightly before the AD. And...
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    Selling Wedding & Evening Gowns tied back, adjustable).

    I am interested in the evening gown. Could you send me pics from the back showing the adjustable area? My email at [email protected]
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    WhiteLink BTB 2015/16

    Oh no.. Very concerned now.. Could you share on who your coordinator and photographers were?
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    Clear media photobooth

    Has anyone engaged clear media for their photobooth before via grouping? Pls share your experience!
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    WTB: Wedding Tree thumbprints guestbook

    Hi, I would like to buy this locally. Anyone knows where it can be purchased from?
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    Grand Hyatt or W Singapore for dinner banquet

    I went for Hyatt because of the food, the cocktails and the convenience.
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    Recommendations for Wedding Photographers in Macau / Hong Kong

    Anyone else with recommendations on local photographers in Hk and Macau? I would prefer to engage someone based in Hk.
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    Best credit card to pay for weddings

    Money savings tips! Does anyone have any advice on which credit cards would give us the best rebates, cash back or perks for our wedding expenses? Thanks so much in advance.
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    I tried asking but was unsuccessful. It will indeed look more elegant with chair covers
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    Parkroyal on Beach Road

    I am interested in the package as well. Kindly do share with me at [email protected]. Thanks loads.
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    WTS: Fullerton banquet

    Hi, I am interested. Could you email me the details at [email protected]. Tks
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    Grand Hyatt Singapore

    Hi applejillz, Please could you share with me the details too? My email is [email protected]. Thanks loads.