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Step-by-step guide to your wedding preparation
November 2010 issue:
A Perfect Day A Perfect Day
The wedding plan was a simple English rhyme: "Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue, And a silver sixpence in her shoe...
featuring Real Weddings
Call To Inspire Call To Inspire
SingaporeBrides speaks to Jamie and Sam of Vocàre and delved deep into the realm of wedding videography and happily ever afters...
featuring Vocare
October 2010 issue:
Walking Tall – Height Above The Bride Height Above The Bride
Unfortunately, not all of us, particularly Asians are blessed with height. To complement your bride's sky-high stilettos, fret not and head down to Walking Tall, a fashion forward men's boutique that takes...
featuring Walking Tall
POH HENG - Si Dian Jin Si Dian Jin
We celebrate weddings with ceremonies, banquets, gifts, and traditions nurtured across time. One such tradition took shape in China centuries ago
featuring Poh Heng
Wedding By The Sea Wedding By The Sea
What started as usual teasing banter-at least for Lyn-between the two lovebirds turned out to be a really special conversation that would take them to the next phase of their lives...
featuring Real Weddings
September 2010 issue:
Sky Hu Culture Finding The Balance
For Sky Hu, veteran photographer in both commercial and bridal scenes, wedding photography has been less about finding the perfect location or the right angles, and more about...
featuring Sky Hu Culture
WeddingCars.SG Here Comes The Bride
While not all of us can afford a swanky car, if there is one day you should be allowed to walk out looking like a million bucks – it’s your wedding day...
featuring WeddingCars.sg
August 2010 issue:
Silhouette The Atelier Silhouette The Atelier
With rich embellishments, artful layers, and sumptuous fabrics, it goes without saying that Silhouette the Atelier designs exude an air of easy glamour...
featuring Silhouette The Atelier
Once Upon a Time Once Upon a Time
"Dreams can come true; look at me babe, I'm with you," Gabrielle sang...
featuring Real Weddings
July 2010 issue:
Veils Veils
Choosing a veil should not be left as an afterthought, particularly because you want the veil to remain consistent with the formality of your wedding...
featuring Bridal Fashion
Dreams Can Come True Dreams Can Come True
Some dreams do come true, as with the dream wedding of Mark Teo and Swee Suan Chiew...
featuring Singapore Marriott Hotel
Neuglow Dental Get That Perfect Wedding Day Smile
You have chosen the perfect wedding gown, gone though several food-tastings and chosen the best caterer, decided on your favorite flowers...
featuring Neuglow Dental
June 2010 issue:
If you’ve always dreamt of being a princess fresh off a Disney classic on your wedding day, there is no other place you’d find your dream gown than Divine Couture...
featuring Divine Couture
Re!Joice Wedding Show @ Hotel Re! Re!Joice Wedding Show @ Hotel Re!
Hotel Re! launched their our newly built ballroom, Re!Joice, on Labour day with a wedding show....
featuring Hotel Re!
May 2010 issue:
Wedding of Anson Zeall and Veronica Goh Wedding of Anson Zeall and Veronica Goh
Planning weddings aren’t a piece of cake – even a royal headache to some – but when geographic distance gets in the mix, you know you’re going to have one big challenge to take on...
featuring Real Weddings
Bridal Beauty: Here Comes The Brows Bridal Beauty Fix-Its
Don't let the Beauty Blues be your something blue on your wedding day. With every Bridal Beauty Blunder there is a resolution. Take a deep breath and read on...
featuring Bridal Beauty
March 2010 issue:
AMANDA LEE COUTURE - An Evolution of Style An Evolution of Style
As it has always been, Amanda Lee Couture continues to reinvent the sweet, feminine details of typical...
featuring Amanda Lee Couture
Heavenly Delights Heavenly Delights
Thirteen years ago, when Divine Couture first opened its doors, brides all over Singapore were swathed in voluminous frocks drenched in embellishments...
featuring Divine Couture...
February 2010 issue:
Show-stopping! Show-stopping!
Ironically, it was at her last job as a bridal designer that Helan Tan discovered her passion and interest in bridal accessories...
featuring Gioielli Costume Accessories
Bridal Beauty: Here Comes The Brows Bridal Beauty: Here Comes The Brows
Eyes: the windows of your soul and the most important feature to play up with make up on your wedding day; but don’t forget to make up your brows!...
featuring Bridal Beauty
December 2009 issue:
Toast of the Town Toast Of The Town!
With an increasing number Singaporeans enjoying more sophisticated tastes and lifestyles, wedding couples and their guests now consider a good wine part of the nuptial celebrations...
featuring Goldwine
June 2009 issue:
et The Journey Begin Some Kind Of Wonderful
Women who want to look beautiful and feel pampered on their wedding day will do well to seek out Liren Neo, one of the most prolific makeup artists in Singapore's bridal industry...
featuring Beauty Magic by Liren Neo
et The Journey Begin Let The Journey Begin
It’s your wedding, so there’s every reason to shower yourself and your spouse with a few luxuries...
featuring @WeddingCars.SG
A Starry, Starry Wedding Show at The Legends Fort Canning Park A Starry, Starry Wedding Show at The Legends Fort Canning Park
Showers of blessing met many of the couples who turned up for the wedding show...
featuring The Legends Fort Canning Park
January 2009 issue:
Jawn Happy.Ever.After Oh Happy Day!
One reason why brides-to-be enjoy getting their gowns at Jawn Happy.Ever.After., is that a design never gets repeated...
featuring Jawn Happy.Ever.After
November 2008 issue:
Bridal Veil Behold, Everything Is Softer And More Beautiful
On the evening of October 31, Singapore's best-dressed brides-to-be found themselves bowled over...
featuring Bridal Veil
Kevin Seah Sophistication Immortalised
He marries femininity and timelessness effortlessly, with no compromises on individuality...
featuring Kevin Seah

July 2008 issue:
My Dream Wedding Uniquely Ours
Couples nowadays rack their brains to ensure that their special day is not the duplicate of someone else’s, especially that of their cousin whose wedding they just attended two weeks ago...
featuring My Dream Wedding

October 2007 issue:
Bridal Veil The World of Bridal Couture
Welcome to the fascinating world of Bridal Couture by Michelle HuiMin...
featuring Bridal Veil

June 2007 issue:
Walking Tall Head Over Heels
While guests at a wedding are more likely to remember more attention-grabbing details such as...
featuring Walking Tall

May 2007 issue:
Ted Wu Work of Art
It was through sheer chance that Ted Wu started designing bridal gowns since 1995...
featuring Ted Wu

Apr 2007 issue:
The Legacy Melaka A Legacy's Photo Album
One of the greatest moments for every couple is their celebration of love on their wedding day...
featuring The Legacy Melaka
featuring Goldheart Jewelry It's Written In The Stars
Meet The New Star - Celestial™ Star Diamond - At Goldheart Jewelry...
featuring Goldheart Jewelry

March 2007 issue:
An Avillion's Paradise Avillion's Rouge Gala
Every couple would go all the way out to make their wedding reception as flawless as possible...
featuring Avillion Port Dickson

January 2007 issue:
An Avillion's Paradise An Avillion's Paradise
For those who dream of having your dream wedding accompanied by the soothing sounds of waves...
featuring Avillion Port Dickson

December 2006 issue:
featuring Tri-Angles Three's A Company
Their clients include celebrity couples such as Pierre Png and Andrea De Cruz & Glenn Ong & Jamie Yeo...
featuring Tri-Angles
D'sire D'sire
If it were up to Dennes Yang, weddings are perfect reason to indulge...
featuring D'sire
Stefine Cartoon Heroes
Perk up your wedding celebrations with an animation presentation (sample movie)...
featuring Stefine

September 2006 issue:
D'sire D'sire
If it were up to Dennes Yang, weddings are perfect reason to indulge...
featuring D'sire
Stefine Cartoon Heroes
Perk up your wedding celebrations with an animation presentation (sample movie)...
featuring Stefine

May 2006 issue:
Amanda Lee Weddings Three To Tango
Amanda Lee is a girl about town these days...
featuring Amanda Lee Weddings

January 2006 issue:
The Wedding Present The Gilded Age
The Wedding Present talks to Jacqueline Tan about going back to the coming-of-age of the local brides.
featuring Heaven's Gift

September 2005 issue:

Why we choose to marry in SingaporeWhy we choose to marry in Singapore
When Cornelius van de Westhuizen asked girlfriend Antoinette to marry him, she had only one request...
featuring Heaven's Gift

June 2005 issue:

Haier LivingShow and Tell
Why should happy ever after take place in a boring-looking apartment?
featuring Haier Living

April 2005 issue:

Montage StudiosMulti-Splendoured Menagerie
For wedding photographer Tan Eng Howe, life's a journey he's thoroughly relishing...
featuring Montage Studios

March 2005 issue:

Marie France Bodyline Contest: Ivy ThongWho won the Marie France Bodyline Contest?
Diary of Ivy Thong (part 3).

Marie France Bodyline Contest: Kang XiuhuiWho won the Marie France Bodyline Contest?
Diary of Kang Xiuhui (part 3).

February 2005 issue:

Marie France Bodyline Contest: Ivy ThongWho won the Marie France Bodyline Contest?
Diary of Ivy Thong (part 2).

Marie France Bodyline Contest: Kang XiuhuiWho won the Marie France Bodyline Contest?
Diary of Kang Xiuhui (part 2).

Studi D'fia by KimLife through his lens
If his parents had had their way, Goh Wang Kim would be earning a five-figure salary...
featuring Studio D'fia by Kim

January 2005 issue:

Marie France Bodyline Contest: Ivy ThongWho won the Marie France Bodyline Contest?
Diary of Ivy Thong (part 1).

Marie France Bodyline Contest: Kang XiuhuiWho won the Marie France Bodyline Contest?
Diary of Kang Xiuhui (part 1).

December 2004 issue:

The Wedding PresentMore is never enough
Bridal design duo, The Wedding Present, talk about the hottest new movement in bridal trends.

November 2004 issue:

Andrew Choi PhotographyPortrait of a Photographer
There was a time when wedding photography consisted of a staid portrait in a dusty studio...
featuring Andrew Choi Photography

September 2004 issue:

Chris Ling PhotographersPicture Perfect
Never let a shoestring budget convince you that wedding photography is only optional....
featuring Chris Ling Photographers

June 2004 issue:

Flamingo BridalBride and Beautiful
For her own wedding eight years back, Shirley Li made herself an ...
featuring Flamingo Bridal

April to May 2004 issue:

Dang BridalAmazing Lace
Creating and selling wedding gowns was perhaps the furthest thing on the mind of Dang Lim...
featuring Dang Bridal

March 2004 issue:

J&C Bridal CollectionsFor all your wedding needs
Before giving up on the idea of attaining your perfect gown...
featuring J & C Bridal Collections

December 2003 to February 2004 issue:
Amanda Lee WeddingsFirst Impressions
Nestled along a row of shophouses facing the bustling traffic of Cantonment Road...
featuring Amanda Lee Weddings

Margaret BridesUnder One Roof
One-stop shopping to alleviate every bride's wearied search for the gown...
featuring Margaret Brides

The Wedding PresentGifts for the Bride
Think classy shop-house along London's fashionable Carnaby Street...
featuring The Wedding Present

November 2003 issue:
No new article.

October 2003 issue:
Before the bliss, the jitters

September 2003 issue:

Something blue and new... Or perhaps something raunchy for you?
Wedding keepsakes - you've got the pictures, video, guest books...
featuring Attitude Photography.

August 2003 issue:

Pampering those nails
Picture this: You've got on that lovely wedding dress...

September 2002 issue:

A Western Wedding: Who's Who
Here's a rough guide to the individual roles of a typical Western wedding party.

August 2002 issue:
No new article.

July 2002 issue:

Hijacked! When parents take over the wedding
Your parents or in-laws are on the verge of taking over your wedding? Fret not!

June 2002 issue:

Holding an Outdoor Wedding
Here are some pointers to holding an outdoor wedding.

May 2002 issue:

Weddings, the SingaporeBrides way
We were featured in The Edge Singapore!

April 2002 issue:

Ramblings of a moderator!
Ever wonder what are the thoughts that goes through the mind of a moderator staring at the computer screen in the middle of the night?

March 2002 issue:
No new article.

February 2002 issue:

Selecting your Bridal Gown
Here are some advice on how you can go about shopping for your dream gown!

January 2002 issue:

Bridal Gowns Fabric Glossary
Feel lost about the different fabrics used in wedding gowns? Here is a simple glossary for your reference.

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