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We believe in individuality and uniqueness, creating and customising your desired look to perfection


Makeup Entourage is founded by Dollei Seah - celebrity makeup artist and a veteran in the industry with more than 20 years of experience under her belt.

Artists at Makeup Entourage are trained under the mentorship of Dollei Seah. The team is committed to maintaining superlative hair and makeup skills, striving to exceed expectations. Makeup Entourage's aim is for brides to look and feel perfect on their special day.

Many are bought over by their professionalism and extensive knowledge of the craft, with many media companies, local celebrities, and high profile professionals in the list of loyal clients. Their works can be seen on editorial magazines, television, and even on the big screen.

Makeup Entourage uses luxury and reputable skincare and makeup brands, as well as hair products. They maintain high hygiene standards and are always early, never late for the bride's special day.


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