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June 2024

Celebrate Bespoke Gift Sets and Customisations with PINE & CO: STUDIO

Create your very own body wash and shower essentials with PINE & CO: STUDIO, an extension of Singaporean brand PINE & CO, known for their all-natural and quality body care products.

It all started when Joshua Yong, one of the founders behind PINE & CO, was on a quest to search for the perfect body wash for his newborn daughter. After a long time of research and development, he and his partner’s efforts and determination finally materialise in 2020, in the form of the brand’s signature body wash, made entirely with natural and the finest ingredients that promises to cleanse as well as it protects, nourishes and restores.

Although PINE & CO was officially introduced in 2020, the brand’s inception began two years earlier when its founders thought of creating a body care brand that reflected their love for idyllic living and all-natural products. With the help of a friend who was a cosmetic scientist, Joshua and his partner succeeded in creating their signature body wash, a nourishing and germ-eliminating product that is gentle on delicate skin and suitable for all ages.

From the name of the brand right down to its minimalist and elegant packaging, it is clear that the founders adore the cottage core style. The words ‘Pine’ and ‘Co’ are chosen to reflect their dedication to bring natural and reliable body care to one and all, regardless of ages and seasons. It also embodies their love for collaboration with individuals and groups to introduce their products to a wider audience.

And it is this desire to reach out to more people that led Joshua and his partner to create PINE & CO: STUDIO, an extension of the main brand that focuses on custom formulations and gift sets. Launched a few years ago, PINE & CO: STUDIO offers the option of customising the brand’s signature body care products, from bespoke formulations, custom designs to personalising aromas, making it an exclusive and thoughtful gift for the home, businesses or even your wedding.

Determined to bring this unique aromatic formulation experience beyond their customers, PINE & CO: STUDIO also offers an interactive option where guests at an event such as weddings can have fun customising their very own body wash, much like their activity booth at The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair 2024 earlier this March where couples had the opportunity to personalise their own bottle of body wash under the guidance of PINE & CO’s staff.

Since their beginning four years ago, PINE & CO has since earned their place as a top name in body wash and shower essentials in Singapore, providing many with products that care, nourish and protects our skin. The brand has continued to advance in its success with PINE & CO: STUDIO, offering a more personalised service for individuals and businesses seeking a unique product, and plans to continue moving forward with a new addition to the brand, PINE & CO: COMMONS, an upcoming offering that will be announced in the near future.

PINE & CO is available online. Learn more about PINE & CO: STUDIO here.

Credits: All images courtesy of PINE & CO.

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Celebrate Bespoke Gift Sets and Customisations with PINE & CO: STUDIO