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May 2023

Katherine Tash Spring 2024 “Moonlight” Collection

Moonlight is a collection of dresses inspired by the feelings of joy, anticipation and love that a bride experiences while planning her wedding.

Founded in 2018, Katherine Tash is known for her contemporary and classic, yet romantic creations in luxurious silk fabrics for the modern bride. Her latest Spring 2024 collection, Moonlight, captures this essence of modern minimalism with a touch of effortless romance perfectly.

MoonMoon (back)CallistoCallisto (back)

Inspired by her own wedding planning, Moonlight features 11 wonderful dresses that captures the enchanting allure of love, the feeling of anticipation of your wedding day, and the serene “moment before”. Katherine Tash designed each and every gown to portray these feelings accurately through the use of classic and dramatic silhouettes, exquisite silk fabrics and intricate details such as refined pleats, hand draping and beaded embroidery lace.

ArtemisInduIndu (back)Leda

The use of exquisite silk fabrics gave the dresses in the collection a beautiful fluidity that adds a touch of dreamy romance and grandeur that is reminiscent of a bride feeling giddy with joy and love at the thought of marrying the love of her life. Katherine Tash aptly captures this precise sentiment with Selene, the centerpiece dress of this collection. Made of lightweight silk duchess satin, Selene is a dramatic gown with a generous train and removable sleeves that caters to a romantic yet fashionable modern bride.

PortiaArunaAruna (back)HirstHirst

The modern minimalist and romantic look would not be complete without the existence of structure in Katherine Tash’s creations. While the use of silk fabrics gives the dresses a romantic and dreamy look, the use of a corseted bodice in Portia, Aruna, Luna, Diana and Callisto added an element of structure that created the perfect harmony between minimalism and romance that modern brides are looking for.

LunaSeleneSelene (back)DianaDiana with an overskirt

As a bride-to-be herself, Katherine Tash’s Spring 2024 bridal collection, Moonlight, successfully captures the essence of a bride’s joy, anticipation and love as she plans for the biggest day of her life with modern and timeless dresses with a hint of romantic flair.

All images courtesy of Katherine Tash.

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Katherine Tash Spring 2024 “Moonlight” Collection