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April 2023

Nadia Manjarrez Spring 2024

Nadia Manjarrez’s Spring 2024 bridal collection is a celebration of Mexico’s diverse culture.

Known for her signature of modular and customisable gowns, Mexican bridal designer Nadia Manjarrez is back to vow brides with a brand new collection of bridal dresses inspired by the country’s history and heritage. Featuring a total of nine classic and flattering silhouettes, each and every piece in the Spring 2024 collection is influenced by and named after a resilient woman who has played an instrumental role in shaping Mexico’s history and contributed to its legacy.

Malinche Cocktail DrapeMalinche Cocktail Drape SkirtAdela Top Long Skirt SleevesAdela Top Long SkirtAdela Top Short Skirt

Frida draws inspiration from the brilliant Frida Kahlo and her signature floral crown, while several dresses in the collection features embroidered tulle with silk organza laser-cut flowers inspired by traditional Mexican embroidery techniques as well as a mantilla-style veil, reminiscent of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, a Mexican poet and nun who inspired the feminist movement with her work challenging gender norms.

Frida Gown GodetFrida Gown Rosario VeilJosefina GownJosefina Gown Bolero

Nadia Manjarrez also paid tribute to her grandmother-in-law, a skilled seamstress who sewed up until the end of her life, with Josefina. Using the 80-year old sewing machine that she inherited from her, Nadia Manjarrez made Ana, a stunning crinkled silk chiffon dress with a draped bodice that transforms into an airy skirt, with vintage stitching techniques that inspired the picot edges on this and more dresses.

Genesis GownGenesis Gown SleevesElisa GownElisa Gown Over SkirtJuana GownJuana Gown Diana CapeJuana Gown Velo Mantilla

True to her belief that a wedding gown should have multiple purposes, the gowns in the Spring 2024 collection were made with thick silk satin crepes with minimalistic silhouettes for ease of pairing them with customisable pieces such as a bolero, mantilla veil, over skirt, pants, cape, and more, allowing brides to transition effortlessly from a solemnisation ceremony to a wedding reception or after party without changing in and out of multiple dresses to rock different looks.

Dolores Top PantsDolores Top Skirt StoleAna GownChabela GownChabela Gown Train

Versatile, modular and customisable, Nadia Manjarrez’s Spring 2024 bridal collection aptly unites the essence of modern bridal attire with timeless aesthetics.

Images courtesy of Nadia Manjarrez.

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Nadia Manjarrez Spring 2024