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February 2023

What to Expect at a Wedding Fair

What is a wedding fair and what should you expect when attending one?

Not sure about attending your first wedding fair? Here’s a look at what exactly a wedding fair is, and some tips and tricks to make the most of your time and score the best deals.

What Is a Wedding Fair?

A wedding fair, wedding expo, or wedding show is a showcase of a variety of wedding vendors in a single space, usually a convention centre, a hotel ballroom, or a shopping mall. Wedding fairs range in size–the ones hosted by hotels usually feature the hotel’s partnering vendors such as bridal boutiques and photographers, with the hotel being the sole venue vendor. Wedding fairs in convention centres are much larger. For example, The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair (TSWF) on 25-26 February 2023 is held in Sands Expo & Convention Centre and offers over 70 different wedding vendors across 14 different categories of wedding needs.

You may have already started looking for wedding vendors on social media, and a wedding fair is your opportunity to meet them, and view and sample their work in real life. With so many vendors gathered in one space, a wedding fair is a great chance to hold many interviews, compare prices, and find the best fit for your personality, wedding style, and budget.

Wedding fairs are often also a great place to score good deals and take advantage of promotions by vendors. At the biggest wedding fairs such as The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair, you could even win thousands of dollars back in cash back draws, as well as lucky draw prizes.

What to Expect at a Wedding Fair

You may have kickstarted your wedding planning online, by Googling for venues in Singapore, by stalking wedding photographers on Instagram, or by looking through our Featured Vendors. But there’s nothing like meeting vendors in person to see and touch their work, and to see if you click. A wedding fair is also a great opportunity to discover new vendors you’ve not heard of yet.

At wedding fairs, you can browse booths or tables set up by vendors from all the wedding categories such as venues, bridal boutiques, photographers, florists, planners, and jewellers. Wedding show organisers work hard to make the experience a fun one for couples. Besides collecting brochures and speaking with the vendors you like best, you’ll also be able to take part in lucky draws or sip and sample light snacks. At The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair, you can get inspired by a beautifully styled concept area, enjoy couple activities, and stand to win $25,000 worth of prizes and $20,000 of cashback.

Who Should Attend a Wedding Fair?

The abundance of options at a wedding fair can feel overwhelming for some couples. It’s best to go prepared! A wedding fair is most useful for couples who are in the early stages of their wedding planning. If you’re newly engaged and want to get inspired and learn your wedding style, or if you’re gathering data on the various costs of the different wedding vendors, then a wedding fair could be a great place to get information.

On the other end of the spectrum, couples who have already shortlisted their favourite vendors could also take advantage of the deals and cashback available at a wedding fair. By booking a vendor at a wedding fair such as TSWF, you could enjoy a great deal while winning your money back through the cashback draw or lucky draw.

How to Prepare for a Wedding Fair

To make the most of your time, try to have an estimated guest count, a wedding date or date range, and a rough budget before you head down. Vendors will ask for these items of information before they can give you quote estimates or recommend suitable packages or styling ideas.

Take advantage of the promotions and deals during the fair by attending it with your fiancé(e), so you can make vendor or package decisions on the spot. At TSWF, booking your packages during the event entitles you to attractive lucky draw and cashback prizes worth up to $45,000. If you need more time to mull it over, you could come back on the second day of the two-day fair to seal the deal.

Ready for your first wedding fair? Check out The SingaporeBrides Wedding Fair on 25 to 26 February 2023 at Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Hall B, for a fun and inspirational experience!

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