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November 2022

Sareh Nouri’s Fall 2023 La Dolce Vita Collection

Be prepared to get transported to the rolling hills and picturesque landscapes in Italy with Sareh Nouri’s latest bridal collection, La Dolce Vita.

Inspired by her travels to Sicily and Rome, Sareh Nouri was excited to share the beauty, romance and magic she experienced in the culture and fashion of Italy with brides all over the world in the form of a brand new bridal collection for Fall 2023.

ArigentoArigentoCataniaForza D’agroForza D’agro

Titled La Dolce Vita, the collection features 15 beautiful gowns that were inspired by the beautiful language, romance, tradition and the picturesque landscapes of Italy. Named after some of the towns Sareh Nouri visited in her travels, each fabric, silhouette and lace used in the collection were carefully hand selected to portray the elegance and luxury of this beautiful country.


Known for her romantic and feminine yet timeless and modern creations, Sareh Nouri took romance up a notch in La Dolce Vita. Intricate laces, billowing skirts and hand pleated draping inspired by the waters of Venice, the rolling hills of Tuscany and the lush flowers of Capri take centerstage in this collection, making the gowns dreamier, more elegant and grander.


Every gown in La Dolce Vita delivers an Italian experience. Whether you are a minimalist bride looking for a modern and timeless silhouette, or a romantic bride searching for a sweet and ethereal gown, you’ll be transported to an Italian fairytale where you get to immerse in the romance, culture and artistry of Italy, as you waltz down the aisle towards the love of your life.

PalermoRomaTaormina Tivoli Trevi Trevi

All images courtesy of Sareh Nouri.

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Sareh Nouri’s Fall 2023 La Dolce Vita Collection