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June 2022

Lab-Grown Diamonds Versus Natural Diamonds

Should you choose a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond for your engagement ring and wedding bands? We look at their pros and cons.

Lab-grown diamonds are increasing in popularity among young couples who are passionate about sustainability and ethicality. You may be wondering how lab-grown diamonds stack up against their natural, mined counterparts. Are lab-grown diamonds “fake” diamonds? Do they have value? Are they much cheaper? We answer all of your questions in the debate on lab-grown diamonds versus natural diamonds.

What Is a Lab-Grown Diamond?

A lab-grown diamond, also known as a man-made diamond, is a diamond that is “grown” inside a laboratory using modern technology that replicates the natural diamond formation process under heat and pressure deep inside the Earth. Because the process of formation is the same, lab-grown and natural diamonds share the same crystal structure and have the same chemical and optical properties. They offer the same brilliance, scintillation, and fire, and are subject to the same grading and certification.

Lab-grown diamonds can only be distinguished from their natural counterparts through the use of specialised equipment that can detect the minor differences in trace elements and crystal formation. Diamond jeweller eClarity explains, “Genuine lab-created, diamonds are certified by world-recognised diamond grading labs like IGI and GIA, and they are graded using the same grading chart.”

1.32-carat, IGI-certified, fancy vivid blue lab-grown diamond in an eternity diamond channel setting ring from eClarity x BA.SG collection

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds Fake?

Lab-grown diamonds are often confused with diamond simulants such as moissanite and cubic zirconia. Lab-grown diamonds are not fake diamonds; they’re real diamonds that have the same properties as a mined diamond. Diamond simulants, on the other hand, may look similar to diamonds but are not true carbon crystals. Simulants can be distinguished from natural or lab-grown diamonds using only the naked eye.

How are they certified and graded?

Lab-created diamonds are graded and certified using the same strict process as mined diamonds. They’re sent to an independent gem lab where experts grade diamonds on their cut, clarity, carat, and colour. Just like natural diamonds, the analysed lab-grown diamonds are certified and given a grade to reflect their 4c’s of cut, clarity, colour, and carat. The diamonds are judged on their size, their flawlessness, their colour, and how well they’ve been cut and polished from their raw form. Once all the independent analyses by the expert graders have been completed, they’re compiled to determine a final grade, and each diamond is issued with a certificate.

Benefits of lab grown diamonds

While natural diamonds are incredible works of nature and the traditional choice for engagement rings and wedding bands, lab-grown diamonds can offer major benefits as well. Lab-grown diamonds are ethically sourced and do not cause miner injury or questionable worker conditions. They’re more beautiful due to higher purity and fewer defects from the controlled formation process and environment. It’s easier to obtain fancy coloured lab-grown diamonds, such as fancy yellow, pink, or blue diamonds.

Lab-created diamonds are more sustainable and more environmentally friendly than natural diamonds, which produce much more carbon emissions and consume more water and energy during the mining process. Due to the shorter supply chain, they’re also usually more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. As founder Amanda Koo of BA.SG., a spin-off of eClarity tells us, “Lab diamonds cost about 30%-50% less than natural diamonds of similar carat size, cut and clarity grading.”

1-carat, IGI-certified, fancy pink lab-grown diamond in a classic diamond ring with V-shape collar side design from eClarity x BA.SG collection

Should you choose a lab-grown diamond or natural diamond?

Lab-grown diamonds are growing in popularity, especially among informed millennials who want a to make sure their investment is as sustainable and eco-friendly as it is beautiful. Whether you choose a lab-grown diamond or a natural diamond all comes down to what is important to you. You may gravitate towards a natural diamond because you feel they hold significance as one of earth’s miraculous creations over millions of years, or you may be attracted to a lab-grown diamond for its sustainability and modernity.

Where can you buy lab-grown diamonds in Singapore?

If you’ve decided on a lab-grown diamond for your engagement ring or wedding band, you might be wondering which jewellers offer the best value. A youthful spinoff of eClarity, BA.SG offers eco-conscious shoppers one of the largest online real-time database of IGI-certified lab-grown diamonds. BA.SG has a zero-tolerance policy towards conflict diamonds, and very BA.SG diamond is warranted to be conflict-free.


Together with accredited gemologists and designers, BA.SG customises wedding bands and engagement rings that reflect the promise of enduring love and the unique personality of the wearer. When you choose to customise a lab-grown diamond with BA.SG, you can be assured that you’re wearing a dazzling, eco-friendly, and ethical creation.

eClarity Diamonds is an award-winning brand specialising in bespoke jewellery, and has a database of more than 20,000 natural and lab-grown diamonds. Drop them a message on WhatsApp at +65 9833 1220 to schedule an appointment and receive a gift voucher, or email them at [email protected] for an appointment at their gallery located at Ngee Ann City. To browse their designs, visit

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Lab-Grown Diamonds Versus Natural Diamonds