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February 2022

Halfpenny London’s Fall 2022 “Three” Collection

British label Halfpenny London launches a minimalist but beautiful bridal collection of three weddings dresses, aimed at winning the hearts of modern brides.

Kate Halfpenny, founder of Halfpenny London, started her brand in 2005 after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design and a master’s degree in textiles. Prior to founding Halfpenny London, Kate was a costume designer and celebrity stylist, and with her experience as a stylist, she has weaved Brit cool with vintage inspirations to create beautiful modern wedding dresses for today’s brides, making Halfpenny London a popular label among brides everywhere.

Dahlia DressDahlia Dress with a detachable Dahlia bowDahlia Dress with a Veil

Instead of launching a large collection of bridal dresses, Halfpenny London kept their Fall 2022 bridal collection to three stunning dresses with optional styling extras for brides to express their personalities with an unrivalled elegant flair. Kate and her team chose to focus their creativity and craft on three modern, timeless and elegant pieces, concentrating on the cut, simplicity and beauty of the dresses as they explore the boundaries of their fabrics in new and exciting ways.

Hyacinth Dress with detachable Dahlia bowHyacinth Dress with Orchid CapeHyacinth Dress and Orchid Bell Sleeves

Halfpenny’s “Three” collection features the Dahlia dress, the Foxglove dress and the Hyacinth dress, as well as detachable extras such as capes, puff sleeves, bows and veils for brides to play with in their search for the perfect wedding dress that represents who they are.

Hyacinth Dress with Orchid SkirtHyacinth Dress with Orchid Cape, Orchid Bell Sleeves and Orchid SkirtHyacinth Dress with Orchid Cape and Orchid SkirtHyacinth Dress with Orchid Puff Sleeves and Orchid Skirt

Creative, versatile, modern, classic and dramatic, Halfpenny’s “Three” collection might not have a whole lot of dresses, but they deliver an oomph that no modern bride can resist.

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Halfpenny London’s Fall 2022 “Three” Collection