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April 2020

Elsa and Xijie’s Cosy Solemnisation Ceremony at Singapore Flyer

With a small and intimate solemnisation ceremony in mind, Elsa and Xijie decided to hold a unique experience at the Singapore Flyer for their families.

It took a simple first date for Elsa to be quickly attracted to Xijie’s initiation and heart. From their chemistry together, their telepathy, and how they understand each other so well, it didn’t take long for both Elsa and Xijie to realise they are meant for each other too. To celebrate their solemnisation with their families, they held their ceremony overlooking the splendid Singapore skyline and sunset with a one of a kind experience at Singapore Flyer.

How did the two of you meet?

Elsa: We both swiped right on each other on a dating app and got to know each other from there. During our first blind date, we broke all the rules in the book – we chose to meet for dinner instead of meeting over a cup of coffee. Dinner was at a hotpot restaurant so we were focused on cooking our food rather than getting to know each other. After the dinner, Xijie surprised me by asking if we could go somewhere else to know each other better and I appreciated his initiative on that first date.

What drew you to each other? What made you fall in love with your partner?

Xijie: There are times we made each other laugh so hard we both ended up in tears. I just enjoy being in her presence and I love the chemistry we have when we do things together, like planning for trips, planning for the solemnisation, and working on the house renovations.

Elsa: His spontaneity and openness drew me to him. Later on, I saw him for his sensitive and sweet side and I admired his patience and perseverance in seeing things through to the end.

What is it about each other that you love the most?

Xijie: She is very thoughtful and caring. There was once she came to surprise me after my job interview. She even prepared food for me! On another occasion, she planned a very elaborate birthday surprise celebration which involved my friends.

I love how “game” she is too! We went on a trip to Hong Kong and I suggested bringing a tent and stove so we could go camping. The food didn’t turn out great and it was so cold that she hardly slept, but she stuck through it all and didn’t complain much.

Was there a moment when you knew that he/she was the one?

Elsa: I knew he was the one when I realised the highlight of my days was seeing his smile.

Xijie: We tend to always send the same emoji at the same time. It did not happen just once; it happens quite often. She also knows what I’m thinking about at any point in time and it’s times like these that I knew she was the one.

What was the proposal like?

Elsa: It was just us in the middle of a huge sunflower field in Khao Yai, Thailand. He knows that I love flowers so maybe that was why he chose that place. With so many flowers around me, I’d be too happy to say no to him!

What was the wedding planning journey like? Were there any challenging or favourite moments during that planning period?

Elsa: The most challenging, and perhaps unique part of planning the solemnisation was about timing. The Singapore Flyer doesn’t stop for anyone so we had to make sure that all our guests arrived on time at the venue. Initially we were afraid that our solemniser, Mr Kwek, would not make it in time for the first rotation and we were prepared to be solemnised only during the second rotation, but he understood the unique challenges of a solemnisation in the Flyer and went out of his way to arrive earlier than expected.

Tell us more about your decision to make Singapore Flyer your wedding venue? What did you like about it?

Xijie: We were looking for a venue that is small and cosy since the solemnisation ceremony was only with our immediate family. We also wanted something unique and memorable. A lot of the venues we found were either too big or not centrally located.

We decided on Singapore Flyer because the package is fuss-free. It includes catering of food, cake and champagne, floral decorations, service crew, slideshow within the capsule, and wedding favours as well. We only had to select specific designs for each of the items and we didn’t need to look for external vendors at all.

What did your family have to say about your wedding?

Elsa: They found it a really unique experience! Some of our family members have not been on the Flyer before so they really enjoyed the experience of witnessing our solemnisation in it.

Share with us the most memorable moment of your wedding?

Xijie: I clearly remember how it was raining on many of the days leading up to the solemnisation ceremony as it was during the monsoon season. We were afraid that the bad weather would affect the operation of the Flyer and we might not be able to enter the capsule at all. Fortunately, the weather was great on the day of our solemnisation and we were also able to catch a beautiful sunset with the city landscape as a backdrop!

What is one piece of advice you’d like to share with other couples who are also in the midst of planning their wedding?

Elsa: Having an experienced and “on-the-ball” wedding manager is really important to make sure things run smoothly on the day. We were really glad that Pauline, from Singapore Flyer, took care of many things behind-the-scenes so we could enjoy our solemnisation.

The Size of the Wedding: No. of guests – 18
The Cost of the Wedding: $3,500
The Venue: Singapore Flyer
The Wedding Day Photographer: Kenfrotto by Ji Ken
The Gown: Bride’s own
The Bride’s Shoes: Bride’s own
The Suit: Groom’s own
The Groom’s Shoes: Groom’s own
The Engagement Ring: Far East Gems & Jewellery
The Wedding Bands: Poh Kim Jewellery
The Hairstylist and Makeup Artist: Freelance
The Caterer: Singapore Flyer
The Wedding Cake: Singapore Flyer
The Florist: Denis Florist
The Wedding Planner: Pauline Tan
The Wedding Invitations and Stationery: Singapore Flyer
The Wedding Favours: Singapore Flyer
The Solemniser: Mr Kwek Kwee Hua
The Wedding Resource: SingaporeBrides

Credits: Images by Tee Ji Ken

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Elsa and Xijie’s Cosy Solemnisation Ceremony at Singapore Flyer