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December 2019

21 Top Indian Bridal Makeup Artists In Singapore You Can Trust

For the biggest day in your life, besides picking out the perfect venue and dress, you also need to hunt for a professional makeup artist who will put in the hours so you get your dream look and feel great! After all, all eyes and cameras tend to focus mainly on the bride (no pressure though!)

To help you on your search, we’ve curated a list of talented makeup artists who cater to Indian brides. Understanding that Indian bridal looks tend to be bolder and more vibrant, these makeup artists will be sure to nail everything to a T. Some even go the extra mile and offer hairstyling and saree draping services so you don’t have to look for multiple vendors.

  1. Beauty Brush By Ashvin

     [Total votes: 260]

    While only coming into the industry in 2016, Ashvin has built up a reputation among brides for being dedicated to her craft and always listening to their concerns. Trained in makeup and hairstyling, she consistently keeps in check with brides to ensure they’re comfortable and only walk away with a look they absolutely love. Her expertise lies in creating a natural, radiant look, completed with well-defined eyes.

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    Website: www.beautybrushbyashvin.com/
    Rates: Pre-wedding Package (1 Makeup and Hairstyling only) – $300 // Actual Day Package- $450 (Wedding Ceremony), $840 (Wedding Ceremony and Reception) // Full Wedding Package – $1,000 (Henna/Sangeet, Wedding Ceremony and Reception)
    Contact Number: +65 9424 5302
    Email: beautybrush@yahoo.com.sg
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/beautybrushbyashvin

  2. Bubbly J

     [Total votes: 87]

    Entering the industry at the young age of 17, Bubbly J now holds years of invaluable experience. She’s well liked by brides who yearn for bold, glamourous looks that stand out without looking too over-the-top. Her speciality includes playing up the eyes and allowing a bride’s inner personality to shine through radiantly.

    Contact Number: +65 9880 8692
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Email: info@looks-studio.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/looks.singapore

  3. Colours By Priya

     [Total votes: 36]

    Dedicated to her craft and her clients, Priya is well loved for delivering the dream makeup look at pocket-friendly prices. Looking to replicate your favourite celebrity’s makeup? Pass Priya a picture and she’ll attempt to recreate the look best suited to your features too. No questions asked.

    Contact Number: +65 9297 4305
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Email: ahgal55@hotmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/coloursbypriya/

  4. D’Rouge Glamour

     [Total votes: 23]

    Though Drishti of D’Rouge Glamour boasts a bachelors in International Business, she realised early into her career that business was not her calling, makeup was. What began as a one-off makeup look for a cousin turned into a thriving business with multiple brides queing up for her services. Her trademark includes utilising precise highlight and contouring techniques, enhanced with intricate eye makeup that would make heads turn.

    Website: www.drougeglamour.com
    Rates: Pre-Wedding Hair and Makeup Package – Starts from $180 // Actual Day Package – Starts from $350 // Full Wedding Package – Starts from $400
    Contact Number: +65 8180 3308
    Email: drishti@drougeglamour.com
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DRouge.sg

  5. Gayathri Menon

     [Total votes: 49]

    Boasting over 9 years of experience in the industry, Gayathri has worked with various celebrities who’ve all had nothing but praise for her professionalism. She focuses on refining one’s natural features and bringing out the best in them through the power of makeup.

    Last year, Gayathri was even awarded in Professional Makeup and Image Consultancy at the CMO ASIA Women Leardership Exellence Awards 2018!

    Contact Number: +65 9108 1014
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/gayathrimakup/

  6. Glam Me By Sarsa

     [Total votes: 55]

    Talented and down-to-earth, Sarsa Arul (the maestro behind Glam Me By Sarsa) often vlogs about her beauty routines, product reviews and other makeup adventures on YouTube and Instagram, giving everyone a glimpse into her creative world. When it comes to bridal makeup, she’s always ready to craft the ideal look, depending on what brides ask for. No doubt, brides appreciate her dedication to the work and never think twice of engaging Sarsa.

    Email: glammebysarsa@gmail.com
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/sarsa.arul

  7. Harni Ananthy

     [Total votes: 61]

    As a performer and singer for Mediacorp Vasantham, Harni was able to showcase her makeup abilities and naturally received requests for makeovers as more people saw her on television. From there, her bridal makeup career springboarded into a successful career. Beyond bridal makeup, she handles bridal hairdo, saree draping and assembling accessories according to the bride’s outfit. All of which helps her to transform her brides into their best selves for the big day.

    Email: harni_ ananthy05@yahoo.com.sg
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/harni.ananthy

  8. Kelly Bilimoria

     [Total votes: 16]

    Known for using the latest products and techniques, Kelly Bilimoria creates the perfect makeup look for you without any fuss. From wedding shoots to wedding day makeup, Kelly always ensures you feel like a celebrity, creating timeless memories for you to look back on.

    Website: www.kellybilimoria.com/
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Contact Number: +65 9822 2203
    Email: info@kellybilimoria.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/PaparazziBlack/

  9. Mahes Makeup Artist

     [Total votes: 67]

    Known for her attentive approach, Mahes always takes time to match a bride’s outfit and accessories choice with the entire hair and makeup look. With 12 years of experience under her belt, Mahes has become a reliable and professional makeup artist who brides trust. So much so that she’s often the first name brides land on when searching for a makeup artist.

    Website: www.theindianbride.net
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Contact Number: +65 9489 6100
    Email: admin@theindianbride.net
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/theindianbride

  10. Makeup By Rashidah Jones

     [Total votes: 116]

    Makeup artist Rashidah has been practicing makeup since 2016. Known for her signature Arabian eye look that fits Asian features, she is committed to giving her brides lasting makeovers that makes them look and feel their best on the biggest day of their lives. Using only the best products and techniques while remaining attentive to her brides’ needs, you won’t be disappointed with Rashidah’s services.

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    Website: gulfbeauty13.wixsite.com/makeupbyrashidahjone
    Rates: Starts from $250
    Contact Number: +65 90793831
    Email: gulfbeauty13@gmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/MakeupbyRJ.sg
    Instagram: www.instagram.com/rashidah_jones

  11. Makeup By Roxx

     [Total votes: 116]

    With a signature for creating radiant and fresh looks, Roxanne, the lady behind Makeup By Roxx never fails to deliver exactly what brides are looking for on their big day. With her bubbly personality, Roxanne aims to put brides at ease and always listens closely to their preferences before working her makeup magic accordingly.

    Certified in the United States, Roxanne is also the founder of a cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics line, Roxxmetics.

    Website: www.makeupbyroxx.com/
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Contact Number: +65 9323 9091
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/makeupbyroxx

  12. Makeup By Vashini Naidu

     [Total votes: 73]

    Whether it’s bold, dramatic eyes or a sweet and natural look, Vashini always nails the desired look her brides are looking for. Ensuring brides look and feel their best on their wedding day, Vashini goes the extra mile to help calm their nerves with her chatty persona. With Vashini, you can also get your bridal hairdo done together with makeup.

    Email: dollifybyd@gmail.com
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Instagram: @vashiniesan23
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/VashInc/

  13. Malini Michelle

     [Total votes: 100]

    While Malini is capable of giving brides their makeup look of choice — be it glammed up or natural — she also does beautiful hair styling and saree draping. For brides, this would mean only hiring one talented professional to handle 3 big elements of their overall look. From time to time, Malini also hosts makeup workshops to share her knowledge with keen participants.

    Website: www.malinimichelle.com
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Contact Number: +65 8509 5129
    Email: divinebeautycreation@gmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/malini.michelle

  14. Monika Goswami

     [Total votes: 37]

    While Monika has done makeup for fashion shows, pageants and print ads, she especially enjoys dolling up brides because of the energy and love in the air. Choosing to enhance a bride’s inherent beauty while still exploring the power of makeup, Monika effortlessly creates beautiful looks that don’t disappoint.

    Website: www.monikamakeoverssg.com/
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Contact Number: +65 9467 9401
    Email: monikamakeovers@gmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/Monikamakeovers.Sg/

  15. Seemren Minasky

     [Total votes: 67]

    Seemren always strives to go above and beyond for her clients. Whether it’s giving skincare or makeup advice without obligation or fitting in a client at the last minute, she consistently ensures her clients are kept happy. Besides makeup, she also offers beauty services like waxing, facials and threading, so brides can get the full beauty treatment and prep their skin well for the big day.

    Contact Number: +65 8163 7199
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Email: seemren@hotmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/Seemrenminasky/

  16. Sharmila Logan

     [Total votes: 108]

    Well liked by many in the industry, Sharmila has become the go-to makeup artist for effortless bridal looks that will always impress. Skillful with colours, her signature includes playing up the eyes and creating a naturally glowing complexion. Founder of her own skincare and makeup line, Mila Cosmetics, Sharmila is a strong advocate of taking care of your skin before using makeup to enhance your look.

    Email: beautytouchbymila@gmail.com
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/happy.feet.pearl

  17. Shradha Agarwal

     [Total votes: 31]

    Wielding a nifty airbrush, Shradha Agarwal has become a favourite among many brides for the effortlessly flawless looks she creates. With extensive experience working with models on campaigns, and with Bollywood celebrities such as actor Govinda and singer Atif Aslam, her professionalism cannot be discounted. If you’re looking for a sleek, glamourous look, she’s no doubt your top choice.

    Contact Number: +65 8322 2641
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Email: shradhaprostylist@gmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/shradhaforu

  18. StylebyNitz

     [Total votes: 44]

    Brides who’re after a fresh-faced, dewy look know that Nita is the go-to artist. Her speciality lies in crafting dramatic, bold looks that don’t look overly made up or cakey on the face. With years of experience, she now emphasises limiting the layers of foundation and using just enough to attain an ideal coverage. While at Nita’s hands, brides can rest assured you’ll be walking out with the naturally glowy look you’ve always envisioned.

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    Contact Number: +65 9623 3430
    Rates: Pre-Wedding Hair and Makeup Package – Starts from $400 // Actual Day Hair and Makeup Package – Starts from $500 // Full Wedding Package Rates – Starts from $1,500 (Pre-Wedding and Actual Day)
    Email: vanitha092001@yahoo.com.sg
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/stylebynitz/

  19. Sung Dolly

     [Total votes: 67]

    Popular for her bold and glowy looks, Sung Dolly has established a loyal following who love getting glammed up. Capable of working with different skin tones, Sung takes time to understand a bride’s needs before creating an ideal look suited to her features. So not to fret if you want a soft peachy look, Sung will deliver — sans glitter.

    Contact Number: +65 9737 4454
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Email: sungkaur@yahoo.com.sg
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/sungstardolly

  20. Tifarah Artistry

     [Total votes: 47]

    Growing from a personal hobby and passion, Narthis dived into professional bridal makeup in 2015 and never looked back. Narthis aims to give brides their ideal looks and derives satisfaction from seeing the radiant glow on the faces once the makeover is complete. Besides makeup, Narthis also offers hairstyling and henna services so brides can get fully prepped at one go.

    Exclusively for SingaporeBrides’ readers, enjoy $25 off your bridal trial when you quote “SingaporeBrides”.

    Contact Number: +65 9754 0203
    Rates: Pre-Wedding Hair and Makeup Package – Starts from $200 // Actual Day Hair and Makeup Package – Starts from $300 // Full Wedding Package – Starts from $300 // Accessories Rental or Hair Extensions Rental – Starts from $50
    Email: narthis_nisha@hotmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/narthis.nishah

  21. Vimalaya By Shirin Rei

     [Total votes: 64]

    Shirin has a clear mantra — to use her magic brushes (that’s what she call thems), to highlight her bride’s natural beauty. She believes in letting the bride’s personality shine, so much so that the bride’s husband-to-be will remember her bridal look for life. Beyond makeup, hairstyling and saree draping, Shirin goes one step further to provide pre-wedding facial care — where she plans for the bride’s treatments based on her skin condition — to get her skin well prepped for the occasion.

    Contact Number: +65 9111 7534
    Rates: Not available at press time
    Email: shirinfaith@gmail.com
    Facebook: www.facebook.com/vimalaya

Credits: Feature image from Sarala and Kelvin’s Merry and Vibrant Wedding at Masons at Gillman Barracks by Androidsinboots // All other images provided by the respective makeup artists

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