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January 2019

9 Gorgeous Fall/Winter 2019 Wedding Dress Trends You Have to See

Preview the latest crop of 2019 wedding dresses by Singapore’s foremost wedding dress designers and bridal boutiques in our Fall/Winter 2019 Lookbook!

Our Fall/Winter 2019 Lookbook is filled with the season’s newest and most beautiful wedding dresses by amazing designers and boutiques in Singapore. This season, we’re seeing some new wedding dress trends inspiring the designs, while old trends take on a fresh twist.

A classic wedding dress material, this season lace becomes much more delicate and ethereal. Blush still reigns as the most romantic colour, but toned down to the merest hint this season. New trends emerged as well, such as playfully exaggerated sleeves in cloud-like layers of tulle. Ball gowns are given a fresh take, with clean lines and ballerina-inspired bodices. The designers also took inspiration from the Duchess Meghan Markle’s minimalist wedding dress and reception dress, with sleek, unadorned silhouettes. Brides getting married in 2019, these are the latest 2019 wedding dress trends you need to know!

1. Delicately Layered Lace

Lace is a timeless fabric choice of wedding dress designers, and we’ve seen many lace fashions over the seasons. From the bold, almost geometric baroque designs favoured just a few years ago, lace wedding dresses have transformed yet again, this time taking a delicate and ethereal style. Layering beautiful floral designs with modern polka-dotted lace and ethereal tulle, and cut in clean silhouettes, 2019’s lace wedding dresses capture grace and femininity in a contemporary style.

Divine Couture Silhouette the Atelier WhiteLink Bridal

2. Playfully Exaggerated Sleeves

Big, exaggerated sleeves make a statement this season, keeping a light and whimsical feel with fluffy layers of tulle. Brides who are looking for a different silhouette, this is a great way to express your style.

My Dream Wedding WhiteLink Bridal

3. A Hint of Blush

Blush has been romancing the hearts of brides for years now, and shows no signs of stopping. This season, we see the hue in delicate shades that just barely offset white lace designs, or peek out from a fishtail skirt’s godets to add a breath of fresh colour to traditional white.

Alisha & Lace Jawn Happy.Ever.After Flamingo BridalDang Bridal Divine Couture

4. 3D Florals

Floral applique has adorned many a wedding dress, but this season, we see the trend in three dimensions. The 3D florals give the gowns a beautiful texture, and the illusion of flowers floating down upon a bride on a breezy spring day.

La Belle Couture Z Wedding The Wedding Present

5. Showing Some Skin

The illusion wedding dress trend isn’t going anywhere yet, but we’re also seeing subtler ways to show some skin. A tulle cut-out at the waist or a fun crop top can be ways to bare a little skin without revealing too much.

Beautiful Love WeddingYvonne Creative Bridal

6. Vintage Romance

We’re also seeing a return to classic silhouettes and styles. Vintage necklines like the portrait or a bateau in lace frame the face in a timeless elegance. Scrolling baroque details hint at Renaissance romance, while floral lace give a bohemian, seventies vibe.

Beautiful Love WeddingYvonne Creative BridalDang Bridal Flamingo Bridal Alisha & Lace

7. Allover Sparkle

Seen on many bridal fashion runways, the allover sparkle wedding dress trend has gowns shimmering in full sequins, beading, or subtle and ethereal glitter.

Luna Bianca Jawn Happy.Ever.After Silhouette the Atelier

8. Modern Ball Gowns

Inspired by the royalty of yesteryear with their grand ball gown skirts and luxurious layers, this season takes the princess silhouette and makes it modern by juxtaposing the big skirts with clean bodices in plunging v-necks, or petite ballerina-like corsets.

La Belle CoutureLuna Bianca Z Wedding

9. Meghan Markle Minimalism

Minimalism has been a rising wedding dress trend for a while now, and the Duchess Meghan Markle’s stunning wedding gown choices a few months ago made the trend even hotter. This season, we see local designs inspired by sleek, chic, minimalist lines.

The Wedding Present My Dream Wedding

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9 Gorgeous Fall/Winter 2019 Wedding Dress Trends You Have to See