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August 2017

5 Designers Must Complete a Gown Each in the First Challenge in the Best Shoot Ever

The Best Shoot Ever competition has begun! Couples have been paired with their gown designers to create their dream gowns, which must be completed in time for the trip on 27 August 2017.

A month and a half before the contestants flew to Mongolia, the challenges had already begun for the couples and the five wedding gown designers taking part in the reality TV style competition organised by Moomedia — Best Shoot Ever. At a briefing session for the couples in June, the organisers surprised them with their very first challenge. They were given 10 minutes to sketch out their dream gown using the drawing materials, such as calligraphy brushes, crayons, or markers, that they got in the luck of the draw.

Best Shoot Ever 2017 (Mongolia Edition Episode 1/8) – by Moomedia

Best Shoot Ever by MooMedia is a reality-style competition comprising five soon-to-be married couples and five budding wedding photographers.Two wedding-related competitions happening concurrently in one amazing trip – this time, to Mongolia. This is probably the first of its kind in the world!Who will emerge as Best Photographer and win excellent prizes? Which couple will win an all-expenses-paid pre-wedding photoshoot?Follow us on the episodes of Best Shoot Ever 2017 MONGOLIA to find out! #bse2017 #moomedia #Raw #singaporebrides #sgbrides #theweddingpresent #tedwu #divine #dangbridal #alternateweddings #profoto #themakeuproom #spellbound #brilliantprints #apucompany #bayangolhotel #gencotour #silhouettetheatelier #silhouettedesigners“Хамгийн сайн зураг” гэдэг нь реалити шоуны нэг төрөл юм. Удахгүй хуримаа хийх гэж байгаа 5 жинхэнэ хосууд Мөн ид цэцэглэж байгаа 5 зурагчид орсон байгаа. Хос бүр өөрсдийн аялалын зардлыг гаргаж харин шалгарсан хосууд нь гаргасан зардлаа буцаан авах юм. Тэд амьдрах чадвар, Хурд болон багийн ажиллагаагаараа өрсөлдөнө. Сайхан хөгжилдөнө. Мөн мэдээж хуримын гайхамшигтай зургуудтай болно.Mongolian translated by:Ms. Sarangua DemberelMs. Undraa Gantulga

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See how the contestants and designers fare in the first challenge in Episode 1 of The Best Shoot Ever 2017!

Not knowing which sketches were whose, the five wedding gown designers, Dang Bridal, Divine Couture, Silhouette the Atelier, Ted Wu, and The Wedding Present, then drew turns to select a sketch that best fits their design aesthetic. Couples and designers were paired off as the designers faced a tough challenge of their own. They would have only one month and a half months to design, create, and fit the gown for their couple to bring to Mongolia.

First to select their sketch were the designers from Silhouette the Atelier. “We were very lucky to be to be the first to pick our choice and we chose Kara-Anne and Nic’s sketch, as it looked like the kind of gowns Silhouette does,” says designer Min Yi. “It was a mermaid cut with a soft tulle skirt, and we must say that it was quite a detailed and clear sketch that portrayed the bride’s idea very clearly. We are very happy and super excited to be working with both of them.”

The designers have met up with Kara-Anne and Nicholas twice so far. After Kara-Anne had the opportunity to try on Silhouette the Atelier’s gowns, they sat down for a design session. “We have come up with quite a solid idea,” shares Min Yi. “As of now the gown is in production and we are all working very hard to meet the deadline! The finished gown is going to be very grand, dramatic, and very outstanding in the landscape of Mongolia.”

Next to choose was Ted Wu, who selected Magdalene and Zonghan’s sketch. “To me, Magdalene’s sketch stood out from the rest,” Ted shares. “I like that the silhouette of the gown is not too streamlined and common. It has volume on the skirt, which works well against the vast highlands and green fields that are prominent and expected of shoots in Mongolia.” The design process has been great fun so far. “Magdalene is very modern, confident, and pretty, and she fitted my cuttings very well during the initial gown trying process,” says Ted. “I found out that ballet is one of her hobbies, and immediately, I envisioned her dancing freely in the fields during the shoot.”

For Magdalene, Ted created a mermaid gown design with a sexy “V” both in the front and the back, with a detachable full, circular-cut skirt. “It is made up of layers of soft tulle and organza, and is very flowy, flouncy, and definitely, very danceable!” Ted says. “I look forward to seeing Magdalene in action during the shoot. Also, I have a little surprise planned for her–an add-on to the dress which will give an ethnic Mongolian touch to her wedding dress!”

Dang Bridal selected Phoebe and William’s sketch to work with. “Because her sketch is very abstract, there is a lot of room for innovation,” shares Dang, adding that the challenge will be fun. After a design session with the couple, the designers set right to work on the gown, taking care to create one that is easy to change into. “A gown that will be brought to Mongolia should be natural, soft, and elegant. It should provide a dreamy silhouette, and flutter in the wind,” Dang says of their design.

Kim of Divine Couture was drawn to Shawn and Han Yee’s sketch because it spoke to her style. At the boutique, Han Yee fell in love with one of Kim’s latest creations, a full-sequin fit-and-flare bustier gown, and is set to sparkle under the expansive night sky in Mongolia.

Although last to select, Patrick from The Wedding Present was pleased to find that Charissa and Bryan’s sketch matched his design aesthetic. Working with Charissa’s design, Patrick has begun creating her dream gown by adding The Wedding Present’s signature embellishments. “Because it’s an overseas shoot, I’m creating a few looks for her design with add-ons,” says Patrick. “I would say that her gown will be pretty versatile.”

Images courtesy of Moomedia and respective designers.

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5 Designers Must Complete a Gown Each in the First Challenge in the Best Shoot Ever