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March 2017

Linda and Kelvin’s Secret Location Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Bhutan

Linda and Kelvin’s pre wedding photoshoot in Bhutan was a complete surprise to them. The couple didn’t know where they were going on their Secret Location shoot until they were on the flight!

Linda Sim, 31, Student and Kelvin Tan, 31, Civil Servant didn’t know they were headed to the happiest country in the world for a pre-wedding photoshoot in Bhutan. Taking a leap of faith, the couple took on Moomedia’s crazily exciting Secret Location pre-wedding package, and only found out their exotic destination when they landed.


How did you meet?

Kelvin: Well, we met way back in polytechnic when we were 20. However, we were in different stages of our lives, and actually lost contact for a couple of years. Fast forward to 2014, we reconnected and started dating.

Linda: What drew me to Kelvin was his personality. He sees things with so much positivity and is never judgmental. He gives good advice and never imposes his views on me.

Kelvin: What drew me to Linda is her amazing personality and her tenacity. She is also very straightforward with her views, and steadfast. And these values are very important to me if we are going to spend the rest of our lives together.

What was the proposal like?

Linda: It happened on Christmas Eve of 2015, when we had a vacation in Tokyo. At approximately 11.40pm, after a full day of sightseeing and shopping, I got out from the shower. Whilst I was drying my hair, in a bathrobe, he decided to pop the question. I saw his nervous face and wanted to laugh because I had never seen this man nervous. After the proposal, he revealed that he meant to do it at the ski resort, or the shrine, or near the bridge overlooking a river that we had sightseen that day, but every time he gathered courage and got ready to pop the question, somebody would walked past us.

He had the ring with him the whole time in the ring box, and he was so afraid that I’d be suspicious due to the bulge in his pocket that he bought me multiple gifts throughout the trip to distract me. In fact, I had no clue at all! (I was delighted with the gifts though.)

Kelvin: Hahaha. The proposal was not executed the way I had envisioned it.

What was the experience like, not knowing the location of your pre-wedding shoot?

Linda: It plays with your mind! After Andrew from Moomedia told us the conditions (e.g., cold, exotic, bring your own food if you are a picky eater), I tried to google the possible places. I found places like Russia, and at one point I was convinced that I was going there! However, we had complete trust in Andrew and knew that no matter where we go, he will definitely deliver good pictures.

Kelvin: For me, it was more relaxing not knowing the location. Because not knowing where we were going meant no headache in planning and logistics coordination. At the same time, I was expecting the unexpected. Besides, Moomedia has been producing stunning videos and photos, so I had 100% trust in Moomedia as well. The build-up to the shoot was also fun. Linda and I would speculate where we were going and Andrew would also try to throw us off track every now and then.

Was the revealed location a total surprise or did you speculate about Bhutan?

Linda: When we realised that we were going to Bhutan, we were filled with excitement. I had always wanted to visit Bhutan, especially when the country is ranked the happiest country in the world!

I envisioned the shoot to be a breeze, and the trip more of a holiday. After all, how difficult is it to smile at the camera, right? However, the shoot was the complete opposite from what I expected. Firstly, due to the altitude of Bhutan, I had difficulty climbing up a flight of stairs without panting like an 80-year-old woman. When Andrew revealed that we were going to conquer the Tiger’s Nest, which was 3100m above sea level, all of us were afraid of not being physically fit enough to scale such heights.

We went to multiple zongs (temples) and the monks were quick to oblige to our requests of taking pictures with them! The Bhutanese were so friendly and were always ready to assist us in any way!

Secondly, as we spent most days away from the city, up in the mountain, the internet and television connection wasn’t that good. It was a blessing in a way because Kelvin and myself just sat down and talked through the night without any technological distractions!

Kelvin: It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I am glad to have shared with Linda. She was never a “countryside” person but she was very game for anything and everything Andrew from Moomedia planned for the trip. The highlight of the trip for me was not entirely about Bhutan but seeing Linda brave the cold (near 5 degree Celsius in her super thin gowns), the altitude and the insanely hectic schedule during the shoot.

The Gown: Tiara Bridal
The Bride’s Shoes: Louboutin
The Suit: Politx from Australia
The Groom’s Shoes: Aquila Australia
The Engagement Ring: Ivy Masterpiece
The Shoot Location: Bhutan
The Hairstylist : Ark Lin from Air Salon
The Makeup Artist: Bobbie from The Makeup Room
The Photographer: Andrew and team from Moomedia
The Videographer: Andrew and team from Moomedia

Credits: Images and video by Moomedia

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Linda and Kelvin’s Secret Location Pre Wedding Photoshoot in Bhutan