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Kelly’s Love Tarotology: April 2017

We’ve reached the first quarter of the year in a blink of an eye. How are you holding up? Here’s your reading for April 2017.

Hi there! I’m Kelly, the resident Tarotologist for Singapore Brides. Every month, I’ll be offering you a Tarotology (that’s Tarot + astrology + numerology and yes, I made that word up) report where I pull out one Tarot card for each zodiac sign. I then read the Universal energies for your month ahead, focusing on your love life and wedding preparations. I also highlight one significant day in the month – I call it your BridePride Day – where I give you the heads up on how to work with Universal energies, ace those wedding plans, and enhance your relationship with that incredibly important man in your life: your husband-to-be.

I keep my reports simple and straightforward. My focus is on love, light, and practical tips on self-empowerment for the modern bride. No weirdness or woo-woo stuff. If this is your kind of thing, excellent – check out Singapore Brides every month for your Tarotology report!

venus in retrograde

Every 1½ years or so, Venus, the planetary ruler of love and partnerships, goes into retrograde (appears to move in reverse). When this happens, progress in our love lives takes on a different direction. Retrogrades invoke past energies, meaning that old patterns, long-standing issues, and even exes can make an appearance in our lives.

What this means for all of us: a slightly higher possibility (but not a guarantee!) of misunderstandings with our loved ones. But fear not: it’s also a wonderful opportunity for us to reflect + work on our relationships, so we can move forward with our darlings in even greater love and harmony.

May the Venus retrograde of 2017 bring incredible blessing to you all. Keep calm and carry on with your wedding plans!

9 Rods Tarot

ARIES (21 Mar – 19 Apr):
This is your month, dear Aries, and there’s so much to do! Your card is the Nine of Rods, indicating multiple priorities, challenges – and birthday celebrations, of course – hurtling towards you at full speed. Now, Aries, be honest with yourself: multi-tasking is not exactly your forte (in fact, recent neurological studies show that effective multi-tasking might just be a myth). Your challenge this month is to focus on getting one task done at a time, and done well. No relying on charm, luck, or whatever you can pull out of your sassy derriere! Also, downtime is key – thankfully, you usually don’t have a problem asserting your needs when necessary. Your BridePride Day falls on 28 April, when Venus makes a retrograde-free return to your sign. It’s also a day that vibrates to the energy of Number 6, a combination of stability and enthusiasm that helps you get relationships back on track if you’ve had fallouts with your boo (or anyone else on Team Aries) during the Venus retrograde. It’s a good time to plan a TGIF + peace-making celebration!

Page of Cups Tarot

TAURUS (20 Apr – 20 May):
Dear Taurus, expect new developments this month in the area of emotions, spirituality, and relationships with your nearest and dearest. This month’s card for you is the Page of Cups, indicating fresh starts and breakthroughs in matters close to your heart. This could be a wake-up call of sorts – a gentle reminder from the Universe that a meaningful life is greater than one’s designer handbag stash or trophy friend collection. Whom or what do you depend on to feel good about yourself? A turning (and learning) point could be coming your way. Open your heart to love, and to learning a bit about yourself and others. Your BridePride Day falls on 6 April, where Mars and Pluto form a trine. If you’ve been holding in your truth, today could be a day when the floodgates open – energetic Mars gives you the final push you need to communicate what you really feel (i.e. your shadow side, as governed by Pluto), and speak truth to a situation. While this could get intense, the Number 2 energies of this day are suitable for productive interpersonal engagement.

3 Rods Tarot

GEMINI (21 May – 20 June):
What’s up, Gemini? New ventures are afoot! Or at least, they should be – as indicated in your card for this month, the Three of Rods. If this isn’t exactly the case, now is a great time to get the ball rolling. To be fair, the Venus retrograde might be trolling some of our significant partnerships, but as the communicator of the zodiac, there is no misunderstanding you can’t overcome, Gemini! Pro-tip: for important conversations, you might want to draft a script of what you need to get across – and stick to the script, please – during the retrograde. As wonderful as you are at off-the-cuff speech, the retrograde + your tendency towards bluntness might complicate matters. Your BridePride Day is 11 April, when a full moon in your passionate fifth house amps up mojo levels and sets the tone for a romantic night out with your hubby-to-be. This day vibrates to the energies of Number 7, elevating the chemistry between you and your man from the mundane to the sublime!

10 swords tarot

CANCER (21 Jun – 22 Jul):
Okay, dear Cancer. It’s not always easy – we hear you. This month’s card for you, the Ten of Swords, seems to indicate that you’ve reached a limit of sorts, and you’re not feeling fantastic about things right now. Nevertheless, you’ll persist, because if there’s one thing I know a Cancerian woman has, it’s resilience. Dear Cancer, you have incredible strength – and like so much of your personality, it’s deep within you. And if there’s one blessing I can tell you about this card, it’s that things will get better. This too shall pass. Note your BridePride Day, 30 April, in your calendar: on this day, Venus, the planet of love, is out of its retrograde and safely ensconced in your long-term goals sector. It is safe for you to come out of your shell and trust again. The Number 8 energies of this day encourage give-and-take, equal treatment, and fair recompense for whatever effort you put into your relationships. If the Venus retrograde opened up a can of worms between you and your loved ones, your BridePride Day could open the door to reconciliation and healing.

8 swords tarot

LEO (23 Jul – 22 Aug):
Have things come to a standstill (or standoff) of sorts recently, dear Leo? This month’s card for you is the Eight of Swords, indicating a situation where you’re feeling somewhat stuck and powerless to act. While it may be true that some things are outside of your control at the moment, not all is lost. Work on what does lie in your power to change – and you’ll find that most of the time, it’s your own assumptions and expectations that you can tweak for your own peace of mind and the greater good. Perhaps the life lesson to learn here is how to go with the flow. Get your game face on for your BridePride Day, 17 April, where a happy Sun-Saturn trine boosts your standing within your social circle. Leo, butter wouldn’t melt in your mouth on this day, so grab the opportunity to iron out any snags in your wedding plans. The Number 4 energies of this day also promote the establishment of stability in your ventures, so it’s also a good day to confirm appointments, venues, and service providers for the wedding of the year – yours!

Tower tarot

VIRGO (23 Aug – 22 Sep):
Heads up, dear Virgo! This month, The Tower is the card with your name on it. When this card appears, major and unstoppable change is coming your way. The old things, habits, people and situations you once held dear (but no longer serve your best interests) will be taken from your life. Get ready for a roller-coaster ride, and understand that going through challenging seasons is not a sign that something is wrong with you. Far from it – the Universe is graciously giving you opportunities to evolve and align more closely with your authentic self. Virgo, you knew this day would come, but have no fear. Release the old, embrace the new, and you’ll find that you have all you need within yourself to grow from strength to strength. Your BridePride Day falls on 14 April, when the self-confident Sun meets rebel-with-a-cause Uranus for a tryst in your eighth house of intimacy. This could be a day for you to break through the stalemate that some significant relationships in your life could have fallen into. The Number 1 energies of this day encourage exactly that – a breakthrough into something new that’s authentically and truly you, dear Virgo. You can do this.

The fool tarot

LIBRA (23 Sep – 22 Oct):
Dear Libra, here’s a wonderful card to get for April! The Fool represents new beginnings and a rejuvenated zest for life; it also indicates new ventures with the promise of rewarding outcomes if you balance courage with prudence. As the sign of the Celestial Scales, dear Libra, you certainly have what it takes to maintain your equilibrium as you navigate your way through life, love + wedding plans. A word to the wise: Venus, the ruling planet of Libra and beauty, is in retrograde until 15 April. There’s a slightly elevated chance that things might take an unexpected turn if you try out a new look now, so you might want to postpone your Extreme Bridal Makeover until after. Your BridePride Day falls on 26 April, when a new moon in your eighth house plants the seeds for even deeper bonding with your bae. For instance, have you been reading Singapore Brides in secret, dreaming of your wedding and hoping that your man will finally propose? Dear Libra, work your charm on BridePride Day and there’s no telling how soon he’ll be rushing you down the aisle. This is a Number 4 day, the energies of which encourage the establishment of new endeavours. Time to up your game, Libra!

Page of swords tarot

SCORPIO (23 Oct – 21 Nov):
Dear Scorpio, opportunity is calling your name this month. Your card is the Page of Swords, which represents a message, dynamic or person who is curious, quick-witted, and ambitious. You might be receiving interesting news that could be a game-changer. Your job is to keep your eyes open and ask whatever questions you need to, whenever you require clarity. Now is not the time to dive into emotional depths, Scorpio – the Tarot suit of Swords rules the element of air, logic and communication, so if you want to make the most out of that opportunity, be prepared to stick your head out a little and speak up! Your BridePride Day falls on 16 April, after love planet Venus ends its retrograde and moves into your fifth house of passion. Use the dynamic Number 3 energies of this day to make bold, powerful moves forward in your love life. It’s also a great day to clear up any misunderstandings that might have arisen with your man and loved ones during the Venus retrograde.

4 swords tarot

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov – 21 Dec):
Dear Sagittarius, 2017 has been quite the ride thus far, but could it be time for some well-deserved R&R? This month’s card for you is the Four of Swords, which indicates a period of rest and a retreat from the frenetic pace of modern living. As much as you enjoy a full, fun and exciting lifestyle – and with your naturally high energy levels, why not? – this month might be a good time to slot in a spa day, meditation retreat or yoga camp to recover from the excesses of previous parties/ workouts/ OT marathons. Not that you have to swear off all the things you enjoy doing, Sagittarius, but you’ll be able to engage even better when you’re relaxed and refreshed. Try it! Also, take note: 24 April is your BridePride Day – Mars is heating things up in your partnership sector, giving you the energetic boost you need to keep the romance burning with your man. This day vibrates with Number 2 energies, which encourage closer bonding. Use this energy productively and don’t get sidetracked into arguments (Mars can do that sometimes). Take it easy, Sagittarius!

6 swords tarot

CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 19 Jan):
The only constant in life is change, dear Capricorn, and change is on the cards for you this month. How well this change will turn out for you, though, lies almost entirely in your hands. Capricorn, as the Cardinal Earth sign of the zodiac you’re fabulously grounded. Take care that your down-to-earth approach to things doesn’t become a stick-in-the-mud resistance to any new development – change can be a good thing! This month, work on your active listening skills and be open to diverse opinions. Someone might come up with a really useful idea that could boost your performance in your favourite sport: Winning At Life. Your BridePride Day falls on 6 April, where high-octane Mars in your passion sector forms a trine with intense Pluto in your sign. You know what you want and you’re not afraid to go for it. Bring out the alpha female in you and go get ‘em, Capricorn! This day vibrates to the energies of Number 2, a gentle reminder that you’re in it to win it, but you’re also part of a team – and when both you and hubby are happy and fulfilled in your relationship, you’re a power couple that can make things happen.

8 cups tarot

AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb):
Dear Aquarius, have you been feeling the itch to detach and move forward into your best life? If so, you’re in luck – your card for this month is the Eight of Cups, which suggests a walking away from the old habits, mindsets, people and situations into new cycles that will serve your best interests. The struggle arises when you aren’t sure how best to go about things: for instance, your innate compassion stops you from hanging up on your toxic ex-classmate when she calls you with another passive-aggressive rant. No need to overthink, Aquarius. Use your superpower of detachment, keep calm and tell Susan to shove it. If you can, block that number. QED. Your BridePride Day falls on 23 April, with fiery Mars in your dynamic and passionate fifth house. Your It-Girl factor is raised several notches, and the Number 1 energies of this day means that it’s time to celebrate life with a bit of self-care. Remember that you’re the Number 1 priority in your life, and you need to take care of yourself before you can make the world a better place. Walk on, Aquarius!

horoscope april 2017

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar):
Dear Pisces, always remember that as the final sign of the zodiac, you combine the strengths of all the eleven signs that go before you. You are an old soul with very, very powerful (and mostly hidden) depths to you. Your card for the month, Strength, is a reminder that you are going to be okay. Challenges may arise that cause you to question your competence, your value to others, or even your personal worth. Dear Pisces, put those insecurities aside. You have the power to get things under control, but first, calm your own fears. Use compassion and self-control in dealing with yourself and others. You’ll be amazed at how things will flow smoothly once your own inner critic is silenced. Your BridePride Day falls on 19 April, with Venus out of its retrograde and safe in the watery embrace of your sign. Venus is exalted in Pisces, meaning that it’s very happy there – and your sensitive soul will pick up on Universal energies that gently encourage you to make the best decisions for your own happiness. The Number 6 energies of this day combine dynamic forward movement with the stability of a loving, familiar relationship. Spend this day with your bae and/or loved ones, and let love be your guide.

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Kelly’s Love Tarotology: April 2017