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November 2015

The Importance of Pre-Marital Health Screening

We speak to the specialists at Q Medical Clinic on why every couple should include pre-marital health screening in their wedding planning.

Pre-marital health screening should be an integral part of every couple’s wedding planning. But not every couple understands the importance and necessity of getting one before marriage. With the help of specialists at Q Medical Clinic, we’re here to tell you why you should go for one before you say ‘I do’.

What is Pre-Marital Health Screening?

Pre-marital health screening consists of similar tests as the routine health-screening with additional tests to detect hereditary defects, fertility and other serious health complications.

These tests are necessary because most individuals may not be aware of the genetic disorders or health complications that they may have, especially if they do not suffer any unusual symptoms. Going for a pre-marital check will prepare you for future implications and give you ample time to discuss and tackle these issues before your wedding.

Who is Pre-Marital Health Screening For?

Contrary to popular belief, the problem of infertility is common and affects approximately 10-15% of couples. Couples who are planning to wed and conceive within a few years of marriage should go for a pre-marital health screening to check for fertility and other health issues that may present complications in their family planning.

What Does Pre-Marital Health Screening Detect?

Pre-marital health checks includes tests for genetic disorders like Thalassemia, health implications like diabetes and Hepatitis B and, fertility issues caused by hormonal problems and Group B Streptococcus infection, among others.

Thalassemia is a genetic blood disorder characterised by an abnormal formation of hemoglobin, resulting in improper oxygen transport and the destruction of red blood cells. There are two categories of Thalassemia: minor and major ‘traits’. It’s important to screen both parties for Thalassemia because if both are carriers of the gene, there is a 25% chance that their offsprings may suffer from Thalassemia major, a severe form of anaemia, and face a shortened lifespan.

A pelvic ultrasound test checks for any structural problem of the woman’s reproductive organs and detects growths such as cysts and fibroids that may prevent implantation, impede pregnancy or even cause recurrent miscarriages. A Group B Streptococcus culture test is done to check if either partner is a carrier of the infection as it may be passed on sexually from the male to the female. While it is usually harmless to adult carriers, it can cause serious complications and illnesses to the newborn.

For more information on all the tests done at a pre-marital health screening, please visit Q Medical.

How to Prepare for Your Pre-Marital Screening?

You will be asked to give blood and urine samples during the screening to test for different profiles like diabetes and Hepatitis. To prepare for your blood test, you should fast overnight. Ladies will be undergoing a pap smear to detect for signs of cervical cancer, so they should not do the screening during their period. As for the men, they will be asked for a semen sample for analysis, so they should abstain from sexual intercourse or masturbation 72 hours prior to testing.

If you and your partner are taking the next step in your relationship and are planning for a family in the near future, going for a pre-marital screening will help you better prepare for the future that lies ahead of you.

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The Importance of Pre-Marital Health Screening