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October 2015

Romantically Wed at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore

Bess and Jon met on a chance encounter 13 years ago on a flight to Melbourne, where they grew and nurtured their love for one another. Six months after Jon got down on his knees in an extremely romantic and sweet proposal, they found themselves tying the knot in a beautiful intimate celebration surrounded by their families and friends at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore.

Bess Boon, 35, Digital Marketer & Jonathan Ong, 35, Banker
10 January 2015

The Wedding Gown: My Bridal Room
The Suit: My Bridal Room and Mr Bulli & Sons
The Wedding Venue: Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore by Shangri-La
The Florist: Lahpompom
Wedding Singers & Emcee: John Lye & Ywenna from Merry Bees Live Music
The Hair and Makeup Artist: Cecilia from My Bridal Room
The Photographer: Steven Foo from Destined Moments
Photo Booth: OneEyeClick
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

Jon, you proposed to Bess with a unique mix of white, pink and red roses on a special date. Share with us the meaning behind your proposal.

Jon: While planning the proposal, I wanted to involve our families and friends in throwing her a memorable and extravagant surprise. But later, it occurred to me that this special moment should belong to us. That’s when I decided on a simpler yet romantic manner. With a bouquet of 24 stalks of roses and the ring, I asked for her hand in marriage on 24 July 2014.

I specifically chose a mixture of white, pink and red roses in various denominations because each set had a different meaning I wanted to convey to Bess. Together, the bouquet of 24 roses meant that I would always treasure, appreciate and love her for always.

Bess: I had no clue anything was going to happen at all. I got ready for work as usual and when I was about to leave the bouse, I saw him at my door with a bouquet of flowers in hand. The proposal was extremely sweet and sincere.

Tell us about your wedding day.

Bess: We planned and had our wedding within two months, due to my father’s passing. Due to the time constraint, we had little time to save or research for the wedding, but I was determined to make sure it was still a wedding of our lifetime. So, I started the research immediately and made sure every penny was well spent, and every one of our loved ones was included on our big day.

Thanks to many of our vendors who were able to provide us with what we needed within a short period of time, we managed to have a solemnisation ceremony and wedding lunch reception at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore.

Jon: We didn’t set a theme per se, but as the wedding planning progressed, it became apparent that we wanted to celebrate love on our big day. We wanted a wedding that would be memorable for them as much as it would be for us, so we tried to include activities that they can partake in with us and their loved ones.

Bess: For the wedding, I created invitations for my bridesmaids and gifted them with a bridal robe with their initials embroidered on because I wanted them to feel special as well. I also crafted paper dresses and wrote a personal poem for each of them, as a celebration of our many years of friendship.

How was the actual day like?

Bess: The day started really well. My girlfriend and I woke up with really puffy eyes, so we were putting cold metal spoons over our eyes to make it go away! That was a really funny moment. As the day progressed, things got a little stressful as we were held up by the traffic and ended up being 45 minutes late for our solemnisation ceremony.

Because my father was no longer around, my brother walked in me on my first march-in. It was an especially special yet sad moment for both of us because it was supposed to be a father-daughter moment, but he is no longer around to witness my wedding.

What did your family and friends have to say?

Bess: Everyone couldn’t believe that our wedding was planned under two months! They thoroughly enjoyed themselves and commented that the food and service from the hotel were excellent. And everyone enjoyed themselves at the photo booth!

Share with us your fondest memories of your wedding day.

Bess: There were so many! But the most memorable moment was when Jon, knowing that I was devastated that some of my colleagues who had to work overseas on my big day, managed to round them up and have them give me a surprise Skype call at the wedding. They also did a video in celebration of our big day and Jon arranged for it to play right after our lunch march-in. I was touched beyond words.

Jon: The entire wedding preparation was especially memorable, from the moment we found what we needed for our wedding to our overly traditional Guo Da Li preparations.

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Romantically Wed at Hotel Jen Tanglin Singapore