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September 2014

Our Own World

When a photographer and his photogenic actress fiancee get married, you know their engagement photos are going to be something out of the ordinary. Check out this fun and quirky series created by globe-trotting photographer Nicky Loh and his lovely wife Vivi Yeh, with the help of their photographer friends and camera-ready pug!

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How did the two of you meet?

Nicky: We met through a mutual friend while I was working in Taiwan a while back. We both had respective partners then so we didn’t pay much attention to each other. A year later, we both coincidentally also broke up with our then-partners due to differences. Coming out of a 10 year relationship each, both of us consoled each other over a one year period before we got together officially.

Vivi: I am an actress and I used to live in Taiwan, where we met. My first impression of Nicky was that he was very different from the kind of guys that I usually date. While I was working in Macau, he would fly over every month to visit me and slowly but surely his sincerity touched me and that’s how we got together!

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What was the proposal like?

Nicky: She was going back to Taiwan and I proposed to her at the airport. She couldn’t stop laughing and didn’t hear a romantic word I said but she said yes anyway.

Vivi: It was before I left on one of my trips back to Taiwan, at Changi Airport. I sort of knew something was strange when he was acting all awkward. Then he brought me to where you can watch the planes take off and proposed! When he went on his knees, it was my turn to become nervous and I couldn’t stop covering my face and laughing. Finally I said yes, but I had to board my flight soon. On the flight, I totally couldn’t sleep because I was still shocked and my heart was beating very fast!

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What inspired your fun pre-wedding photos?

Nicky: The series is actually inspired by one of my favourite Singapore fine arts photographers, John Clang. It is an homage to him and also represents both Vivi’s and my quirky characters.Being a photographer, I got my buddy Alvin Tang, who is also a photographer, to do the main shots of us in different poses. The whole shoot was done on my grey concrete wall at home. After printing the selected poses, we cut up the pictures and conceptualised how we wanted to have the mini versions of us in different scenarios at home. Alvin, Vivi and I took turns to contribute to the entire series ourselves. We used different parts of the house including the windows, kitchen and even our dog for the shots.

Vivi: We already had a consensus that we didn’t want any traditional wedding photographs because they all look cheesy. Nicky, who is a photographer, came up with the concept of shooting mini versions of us around the house in different situations. I feel that these pictures weren’t just routine wedding pictures but very meaningful because we were very hands on and came up with all the ideas ourselves. Some of the sketches on the windows were drawn by me, and Nicky did the photography for the final shots. This aspect was very meaningful to me because we had so much fun doing it, and after seeing the final product, it was really worth the effort!

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Images by Nicky Loh and Alvin Tang.

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