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September 2014

Le Grand Wedding & Z Wedding D’sign 2014 Couture Runway Extravaganza

Ah, proposals. That big day girls dream about, when their men finally make the ultimate declaration of commitment and love. In 2013, the Internet brought us a number of elaborately planned surprise proposals, most of which don’t fail to deliver choked up emotions.

It’s not the flash mobs or the movie trailers we sniff at, it’s her teary expressions and his broken voice when he finally shows up and tells her how much he loves her. We’ve rounded up some of the most touching and interesting ways men have asked for their girls’ hands in marriage last year, just in time for you to be inspired for proposal season. Girls, get your tissues handy, and guys, do you have pen and paper ready to take notes when she starts sniffing?

The Angry Birds Proposal

Ben Levi worked with Rovio, the parent company of Angry Birds, to create a new game level in order to propose to his girlfriend, Melissa Swift, who actually didn’t like Angry Birds because Ben never stopped playing the game. Her feelings for the game probably soared a little after the proposal!

The Wakeboarding Proposal

This beautifully edited video shows a couple riding in tandem before he manages to get down on one knee on a wakeboard to propose. Actually giving her the ring on the boat was good thinking, and makes for a really sweet moment!

The Hashtag Proposal


Rhett Hildrebrandt went to the socialsphere for help in proposing to his girlfriend, Mary. People posted pictures of Mary’s favourite things with the specially created hashtag #MarryMeMaryDay on Twitter and Instagram. To help everyone know who Mary was and what she liked, Rhett created a site,, where he posted his own illustrations of some of her favourite things.

The Cheerleader Proposal

Chicago Bulls cheerleader Ariana Rosado got a surprise in the middle of her performance when the music changed and she was suddenly out of sync with the rest of her clued-in team. As her fellow cheerleaders and the mascots dance around her, her boyfriend appears and gets down on one knee in front of her.

The X Factor Proposal

People go on the show for a number of reasons, so when David Grey says he’s auditioning for love, it doesn’t seem like something out of the ordinary at first. He gets booed when he starts singing, but the crowd later screams along with the judges when David pops the question to his girlfriend, Lauren Waguespack in the midst of her audition.

The Storybook Proposal

storybook proposal

This is too cute. Redditor Paul Phillips wrote a whole (albeit, children’s) book about his and his girlfriend’s relationship, and planted it in a library for her to find. When she turned to the page depicting his character on one knee, Paul presents Erika Ramos with a ring.

The Pictionary Proposal

pictionary proposal

Conny drew out the scene of her own proposal in a rigged game of Pictionary. Redditor Mike photoshopped and printed out a card with the term “Marry me” for his girlfriend to draw. After making her “work for it” by drawing images of a proposal, he finally shouted the answer, “Marry me!”.

The Viral Proposals Proposal

Justin Baldoni lures his girlfriend Emily to the restaurant where they had their first date, where she is played a video of him acting out a series of popular proposals. From lipsyncing love ballads to dancing in flash mobs to running in action movie trailer sequences, Justin finally runs out of viral proposals and into the restaurant for a teary speech.

Image credits:

Feature image from Justin Baldoni’s video

Hashtag Proposal by Rhett Hildrebrandt

Storybook proposal by Paul Phillips

Pictionary Proposal by Mike

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Le Grand Wedding & Z Wedding D’sign 2014 Couture Runway Extravaganza