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August 2014

Not Just A Ping-Fan Wedding

Fannie Chua, 31, Relationship Manager and Loo Yong Ping, 29, Senior Art Director met at a party through a mutual friend and kept in constant contact after their first meeting. Two years and a long distance relationship later, they tied the knot in the middle of Singapore’s oldest and most iconic railway tracks. For Fannie and Ping, their wedding was more than a celebration of their union on 10 & 17 May 2014; it was a celebration of their unwavering love for each other when the distance between them sought to keep them apart.

Tell us about your epic lunchtime proposal!

That day, I was waiting by the road for a colleague while my other 2 colleagues ran to 7-11 for a quick errand before lunch. I heard loud honking sounds and thought it could be a bunch of disgruntled drivers at it, so I stuck my head out and noticed a convoy of land rovers. I saw my name on a banner on the first vehicle and started crying. To this day, I cannot walk by that same road on my way to work without a smile creeping onto my face as I reminisce on my proposal.

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Your solemnisation at the old Tanjong Pagar Railway is simply beautiful. What inspired you to hold the ceremony there?

We’ve always felt that the old Tanjong Pagar Railway was a unique venue and after a site recce, we fell so much in love with the location that we initially planned for our entire wedding to be held there. Unfortunately, it could only host up a maximum of 30 sit-down tables and exceeded our budget. In the end, we decided to scale down and host our solemnisation there and have our wedding banquet at the Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore instead. Because our solemnisation was held outdoors, our pet pug, Droopy, could be part of our celebration. He was even our ring bearer!

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Surely an iconic landmark such as the old Tanjong Pagar Railway calls for a unique themed celebration. What wedding theme did you decide on?

Ping and I are suckers for themes and dressing up, so of course we had a themes for both our solemnisation and wedding banquet! “Derby Chic” was our solemnisation theme, so our guests turned up in big hats, facinators, bow-ties and floral skirts. Our photos turned out really well because they were so colourful! For our wedding banquet, Ping and I decided on an “Enchanted Forest” theme as we love the outdoors and the idea of magical unicorns. Our groomsmen donned horse-heads during the first march-in and the aisles in the ballroom were lined with tall vase creepers and huge yam leaves for that lush forest vibe. We also custom-built a LOVE signage as a centerpiece for the stage and a greenwall of ferns as the stage’s backdrop. As for the main table, we had our own floral arrangement with live guppies swimming in the vases! It was over the top, slightly loud and unconventional, but it was undeniably us. Our guests loved it and so did we!

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Share with us how your solemnisation and actual day was like. Were there any particular moments that stood out for you?

Things went relatively well for both days, except for a minor technical glitch during our highlights video during our wedding banquet, but we were determined not to let any situation get to us because a sulking bride and groom is just not fun! We conquered the sorching hot weather during our solemnisation by cooling our guests down with sponsored blowers from TLM Pte Ltd and the ice-cream push-cart we hired, which was a huge hit for obvious reasons!

The moment of the day had to be when I was reciting my vows. It dawned on me that I would be marrying the man who has far exceeded my dreams and the fact that I’ll be spending the rest of my life with him felt like such a bonus.

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Her Solemnisation Gown:
Her Wedding & Evening Gowns: Time Taken to make a Dress & Swaggers Couture
His Suit: Swaggers Couture
Venue: Old Tanjong Pagar Railway Station & Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
The Photographer:
Makeup: DIY, as Fannie is also a certified makeup artist
Hair Stylist: Jonathan Wee & Daryl Cheong of Urbanhair Ginrich Salon
Florist: Pastel Hues Design
Caterer: L.O.V.E Republique (solemnisation) & Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore
Groom’s Wedding Band: Fairy’s Inc
Bride’s Engagement Band: ZYAN

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Not Just A Ping-Fan Wedding