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July 2014

Designer Feature: Theia Spring 2015

The Theia Spring 2015 bridal collection is inspired by designer Don O’Neill’s romantic Irish ancestry. Spun out of the wondrous tales of Irish lore, the ethereal gowns of the latest White Collection are as enchanting as a sea sprite’s song.

Long have I been enamoured with the magic shrouding Irish shores, and I am utterly beguiled by the story the collection tells of the Tuatha De Danann, the People of the Goddess Danu.Legend has it that millenia ago, these ancient Irish people left Ireland’s shores and sank down into the sea, to live out their magical existence amidst the gentle sway of deep ocean currents and forgotten sea creatures. Hidden in the shimmering depths, their underworld is believed to be reached only by gateways, one of which lies in O’Neill’s native Ballyheigue Bay. Marked by a perpetual wave, the gateway is said to lie at the ruins of an ancient Church far beneath the sea, and that long, long ago, the fey folk were seen arising from the depths and walking in ghostly processions upon the bay.

Aria - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownAriaAria - backTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownAriaAlessandraTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownAlessandraGabriella - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownGabriellaGabriella - backTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownGabriellaGenevieve Theia Spring 2015 Wedding GownGenevieveTheia Spring 2015 Wedding Gown AdelaideAdelaideAoife - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownAoifeAoife - backTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownAoifeHaven - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownHavenHaven - backTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownHaven

O’Neill’s hauntingly beautiful collection evokes these mystical beings rising up out their watery abode, shrouded in shimmering mist and mystery, and gleaming with an otherworldly light. Crowned in shining coral and robed in silver moonbeams, the ethereal beings who come ashore mesmerize me in their luminosity. Sparkling like the moon on the sea, the gowns are crafted out of Guipere lace, Spanish tulle, silk organza and unconventional silver floral jacquard, and embroidered with pearls, crystals and glass beads.

When I look at Genevieve, I see a sea goddess with white sea foam and pearls rippling down her form like she has just risen from the waves. Aria is a breathtaking backless tulle gown hand-embroidered with airy wisps of lace and glimmering beads like tiny sparkling water droplets. An ethereal overcoat of mist and mystery veil Selene, a sparkling mirror sequin and glass beaded gown with modern silver geometric accents. In addition to the ethereal classic silhouettes, I love how O’Neill weaves the ancient legends into unconventional bridal gowns. Haven is a gorgeous two-piece gown featuring a silver crop top over a tulle-overlaid lamé ball gown skirt with fun pockets that I adore.

Cameron Theia Spring 2015 Wedding GownCameronAllegraTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownAllegraAllegraTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownAllegraErin Theia Spring 2015 Wedding GownErinKate - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownKateKate - backTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownKateSelene - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownSeleneSelene - backTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownSeleneIsis - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownIsisValentina - frontTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownValentinaValentina - backTheia Spring 2015 Wedding GownValentina

The enchanting story behind this collection has swept me off to float upon a beautiful sea of wedding dreams. And I won’t be surprised to find that sea bobbing with many would-be brides sighing after these gowns spun of romantic legend.

Theia is based in New York, and can be reached at [email protected], orcontactable herefor store locations.

Images courtesy of Theia. Feature image depicts Adriana, left, Isabella, centre, and Roxanne, right.

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Designer Feature: Theia Spring 2015