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March 2014

Love Notes

While they may have different versions of the story on how they first met, Fenny Ho, 33, Banker and Derek Yeo, 34, Banker, have one thing they unanimously agree on – their love for each other. Bound by their mutual love for music and a common circle of friends, our couple waltzed and shimmied towards their big day, where their friends and family were invited to join them on the dance floor on 14 September 2013.

How did the two of you meet?

Fenny: We first met at a café below Capital Square. My friend, Sherlyn, and I were looking for a table when I spotted my ex-schoolmate, Donald, having coffee with Derek. Since Donald and Sherlyn were also friends, we asked to join their table, as there were no other tables available. But, Derek likes to think that it was a story I cooked up to pick him up!

Derek: We later found out that we were both working for Citigroup in the same building and due to our common interests in finance and music, our interactions increased towards the last quarter of 2007 until we finally got together at Zoukout 2007.

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We heard your proposal was a warm and fuzzy one! Tell us more!

Derek: Fenny loves surprises, so I decided to surprise her with a proposal on the eve of her birthday. I went by her place in the morning and placed the engagement ring on her bed, so that when we returned in the evening, she would see it. My initial plan was to propose after dinner, but because I couldn’t wait that long, I pretended to feel queasy and asked to stop by her place before dinner, so that she would be able to see it sooner!

Fenny: I was more concerned with taking care of his queasiness so I was extremely surprised and pleased to see a diamond ring laid out on my bed! Because it was my birthday the next day, I asked if it was a birthday gift, and that’s when Derek proposed. Although “yes” wasn’t the first thing I uttered after he popped the question, I did say yes eventually!

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With themes like Electrifying 80’s, Roaring 20’s Redux and Walk on “Wall Street”, your wedding day must have been a whole lotta fun!

Fenny: Being music lovers, we wanted everything to be music related, so we had a say in the music used for the march-ins, the champagne toasting and everything else for that entire night. That pretty much settled our wedding theme for us. Our dress code was “Dressed for Success”, inspired by a Roxette’s song, and to help our guests figure out what that dress code actually means, we offered them three choices: Electrifying 80’s, Roaring 20’s Redux and Walk on “Wall Street”. We also had translucent bubble-like balloons to reflect my love for carefree and playful dolphins swimming in the ocean which turned out to be a nice complement to the Great Gatsby 1920’s theme.

Derek: Our actual day itself was hectic and full of fun! Time seemed to swirl past us so quickly but everything fell into place perfectly and we are extremely thankful for that. We started the morning with a door bashing session at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, followed by a luncheon for close family members, relatives and the bridal party at my terrace pool. After our dinner banquet at Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore, we had an after party at Zouk’s Velvet Lounge to celebrate our appreciation for music and to reminisce our nights of partying with our friends.

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You chose not to stay away from the usual wedding photo montage and opted for a fun and meaningful video with Reddot Studio.

Fenny: We wanted something innovative that shows us having fun at the places we love. These included Zouk, Butter Factory, old shop-houses because I used to live near them, and the Singapore CBD skyline. We also wanted our favourite song, Just Like Heaven by The Cure to be in the video as it reminded us of the time when we first started dating and those were the places we hung out most at while listening to this song on repeat. We ran our idea by Bernard from Reddot Studio and together with Mark Song, he produced such a brilliant video that Derek and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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Looking back, were there any moments during your wedding that were especially memorable or special to you?

Derek: We wanted our parents and two of my aunts whom I grew up with to be involved in our wedding. So, we asked Fenny’s father to walk her to the stage for our solemnisation where my father and I were waiting to receive them. Together, our fathers witnessed our signing of the marriage certificate. For both our mothers and my two aunts, we gifted them with an infinity bracelet and pendant from Tiffany&Co. They were all extremely touched to have witness our solemnisation! We also opted for the largest VIP table possible, a twenty-seater, so we could seat all our immediate family members together.

Her Gown: Vera Wang
His Suit: TailorMeOnline
The Venue: Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore
The Photographer: Max from Chris Ling International Photographers
The Videographer: Reddot Studio
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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Love Notes