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February 2014

Throwback Thursday: The Bradshaws’ Bali Bash

Five years into their marriage, Stephanie, 33, Stay-at-Home Mum and John, 40, Fund Manager, now the proud parents of two adorable little girls, look back fondly on their wedding day, which was one big party on a cliff in Bali! With a raindance to ward off dark clouds, lots of fun in the sun, a massive pool party and a recovery BBQ the day after, their destination wedding was certainly one to remember on 23 August 2008.

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How did the two of you meet?

We met in Hong Kong through work, as both of us attended fairly similar events for hedge fund managers, and often attended client events together. From there, we realized we had common interests such as golf, car racing, diving, traveling, and hiking, among other things.

Life together was a breeze and we soon realized we were two peas in a pod. Getting together, being married and becoming parents was something we saw ourselves doing together as a good team.

How did one pea propose to the other?

Stephanie: John proposed while we were diving in the Galapagos Islands in 2007. It was an awesome destination and one of the most amazing dive sites in the world.

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Why did you choose to hold your wedding in Bali?

We wanted a destination wedding, so that both our families who come from different parts of the world could meet and enjoy time together, and we also invited 50 of our close friends from all over the world, to celebrate the start of our life together.

We had our wedding on a cliff-facing villa at the Istana, Bali Uluwatu, as it had one of the most stunning view in the world, a gorgeous red sunset, open to the ocean breeze. Best place in the world to be for a big party!

We had a contingency plan of white marques in the event of rain, and a dance floor that was covered, so ex of the ceremony which would have been a disaster if it rained, everything else would be ok. In the end we got the “rain man,” which in Bali was a guy who performed a simple ritual, and he kept the clouds away that day! We couldn’t have had better weather. Bali is well known for its beautiful weather in August, so we chose that month especially for our wedding date.

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What was your destination wedding like?

The day started with the boys surfing at nearby Dreamland, while the girls got pampered with massages and nail treatments.As I was from a Chinese family, we also had a simple tea ceremony, so that John’s family, who are English, could experience some Chinese traditions. We exchanged our vows in a western ceremony, and had some simple photo shoots done against the beautiful sunset, while the rest of the guests enjoyed the cocktails and canap├ęs.

After the toasts, John and I had our first dance together on the dance floor, before everyone else caught on and decided to have a lovely evening of dancing. We also incorporated the Balinese traditional fire dances as a show for our guests. Thereafter, all of us proceeded to dive into the pool for a massive pool party!

The following day – we had a recovery BBQ party, so everyone got together to have another lovely afternoon together.

Sounds like a smashing good time! Were there any moments particularly special to you?

Stephanie: The exchange of vows, our first dance and the exchange of rings were pretty special. And walking down the aisle as Mrs Bradshaw!

Bradshaw's Bali Bash10

The Gown: Jenny Lee
The Suit: Tailormade
The Venue: The Istana, Bali Uluwata
The Caterer: Cafe Warisan Bali
The Photographer: Henry Ho Photography

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Throwback Thursday: The Bradshaws’ Bali Bash