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December 2013

Under The Sea

Like any other bride, you’re probably on a mission to plan a wedding that is different from anyone else’s, starting from the gown you’ll be wearing right down to how your pre-wedding photographs are going to look like. For truly one-of-a-kind pre-wedding photographs, we suggest you forget what you already know about the different types of wedding photography and open your mind to an unusual yet unique option – underwater pre-wedding photography.

Yes. Underwater photography – the kind you see on America’s Next Top Model. Except you and your groom-to-be will be floating in a real ocean instead of a gigantic water tank. It takes an experienced, well-equipped and innovative photographer to properly execute one and produce beautifully taken photographs underwater. Tuck Hong, the photographer behind Tuckys Photography, is one such photographer. Armed with more than a decade’s experience in wedding and commercial photography, and a Dive Master TDI certification, this unusual idea was first introduced to Tuck Hong by one of his grooms. “After he shared his underwater proposal with me, I was instantly intrigued and drawn to the novelty of the idea and its endless possibilities!” he gushes. He went for a dive course and the rest, they say, is history.

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Never one to stick to the mainstream ideals of what wedding photography should be like, Tuck Hong constantly strives to be as creative as possible to achieve images that are unique, dynamic, thought provoking and surreal at the same time. So it was only natural that he pioneered the use of underwater photography for pre-wedding purposes. “Underwater photography is a refreshing addition to the existing forms of pre-wedding photography,” he explains. “Every trip is an adventure and a challenge, and no two trips are ever the same!” You could be surrounded by baby jellyfishes one moment and the next you could be swimming alongside schools of colourful fishes! Explore the ocean bed for a change of scenery and get up-close and personal with the sea’s mysterious corals and watch as the waters change from a stunning blue-green to an enigmatic deep blue as you venture deeper into the ocean.

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Elegant, dreamlike and ethereal, underwater pre-wedding photography is just the antidote for couples who crave for an wedding album filled with unique and meaningful photographs, especially for those who met through diving or sea lovers. Don’t worry if you and your significant other are neither seasoned divers nor sea lovers; the risks of underwater photography remain the same for both experienced and inexperienced divers. To ensure maximum safety during his photoshoots, Tuck Hong makes sure he plans ahead of time and conducts multiple consultations to brief his couples on the plan, safety measures and of the risks involved. “Everyone’s safety is my utmost concern, so I always keep myself and my couples vigilant at all times, even if they are experienced divers.”

Although underwater photography may seem more technical and risky than other forms of photography, it can be safe with proper open water knowledge, ample precautions and supervision present. Aside from safety and emergency measures, you should also have sufficient sunscreen with you to prevent sunburn, as you’ll be exposed to the elements for an extended period of time. If you want a life-changing and worry-free pre-wedding photography experience and one-of-a-kind photographs for your big day, then underwater photography is the one for you. Let the ocean and Tuck Hong take care of you while you have fun and look forward to the beautifully surreal photographs afterwards.

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Under The Sea