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October 2012

Attention Please

Buckle up, ladies and gentlemen. You are about to witness a fun-filled wedding that’s guaranteed to send you soaring in the air. Watch how our couple, Venus Lee, 27, Technologist and Heng Jung Kiat, 28, Technologist, incorporated their love for travel and all things fun into their wedding. Expect dancing flight stewardesses and pilots, and balloons enough to lift a person at this fun and colour-filled wedding. So scroll on down and learn more about their wedding on 2 June 2011. Take notes and most importantly, join in the fun!

How did the two of you meet?

Venus: We met on the sunny island of Pulau Bukom where we first started work together as young budding technologists in Shell.

What was the proposal like?

Venus: Jung Kiat proposed at Hort Park with the help of our close friends, who pitched in to coordinate the whole thing. Needless to say, I was completely surprised by the proposal. We had gone to Hort Park for dinner but were surprised to find that the restaurant we were planning to dine at had closed down. In one minute, Jung Kiat suggested we look for another place for dinner, and in the next, he was down on his knees with balloons, a bouquet of flowers and ring box in his hands.

He popped the question and I said yes! But when I reached out for the ring, I realised it was a fake diamond ring bookmark! Jung Kiat promptly came up with the actual proposal ring and that was when our close friends came out from their hiding to congratulate us.

Walk us through the planning for your wedding.

Jung Kiat: We knew that every wedding takes quite a bit of planning, so we started ours a year ahead of time. Having a budget before we shopped for our wedding venue and other related items helped make the selection process easier. To further narrow down our options, we turned to magazines, friends and online one-stop websites like SingaporeBrides, and finally decided to hold the wedding at Marina Bay Sands. And for our soleminisation, we decided we wanted a separate, cosy and more intimate affair where only our immediate family were present.

Venus: Deciding on our wedding theme as a breeze – we incorporated our love for travelling and our wish for our family and close friends to have fun on our big day and came up with a “Vintage Air Travel” theme wedding. And because we were able to settle the bigger ticket items earlier, we had more time to brainstorm on how to customise our wedding to fit our chosen theme. We had our wedding invitation cards designed to resemble boarding passes while table escorts were in the form of ticket stubs, all handmade by us. Our bridesmaids and best men were equally as excited about the theme as us. They were dressed up as flight stewardesses and pilots instead of the usual dresses and black suits – my bridesmaids even DIY-ed their own hats!

What was it like on the actual day of the wedding?

Venus: The actual wedding day started off with the usual gate-crashing. My bridesmaids turned up as early as 6.30am to put the finishing touches to the list of challenges prepared for the boys. Determined not to make it easy for Jung Kiat and his boys, my bridesmaids put them through rounds and rounds of games and tasks before my groom got the green light to enter my room. I can’t help but admit that when Jung Kiat gave me a “spicy” kiss on the lips, it felt good knowing that I was worth it for him to go through the crazy gate-crashing.

At dinner, we prepared a white canvas for our guests to put their thumbprints and well wishes on, to form a picture of a huge bunch of balloons rather than the usual guest book. Our ballroom was also filled with balloons, with more than 200 balloons tied to our center-stage gazebo, made to resemble the Pixar animated movie Up.

Jung Kiat: Our MCs even mimicked the standard flight safety briefing prior to our first march-in, while our second march-in was a dance we did together with our bridesmaids and best men.

Were there any particular moments that were especially special to you?

Venus: Planning a wedding can be a pretty stressful process and when our friends were there to support and advise us, nothing was more heart-warming. They encouraged us to remember that our marriage is more important than the wedding itself. Our bridal party’s enthusiasm about our wedding theme also made the wedding process thoroughly enjoyable and memorable.

Her Gown: The Wedding Present
His Suit: The Wedding Present
The Venue: Marina Bay Sands
The Photographer: John Lim from John Lim Photography
Wedding Planning: SingaporeBrides

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Attention Please