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August 2012

How To Make Honeymoon Sex Even Better

Now that you’ve sealed your marital vows with a chaste peck on the lips, it’s time to take the celebratory mood up a (sexier) notch. Go “ooh-ooh-ah” during your honeymoon with these bedroom-friendly tips by SingaporeBrides.

As newlyweds, you have just endured what was probably the most stress-filled day of your lives. But here is a shocking truth: Over half of just-married couples actually do not have sex on the wedding night. Well, we blame it on all those months of meticulous pre-wedding preparation and then living through a rollercoaster ride of emotions on the big day. By the time you retire to the wedding suite, it is likely that you are so exhausted that sleep may be higher on your to-do list than getting it on in bed.

Which is why the honeymoon is the perfect time to catch up on some frisky bedroom action. In fact, it is probably the only “alone time” newly-weds can get after waving goodbye to family and friends at the airport. So whether you’re planning an extravagant trip-of-a-lifetime in Europe or a laid-back beach holiday in Bali, it is time to devote yourselves to some serious action behind closed doors. And here’s how you can truly make the best of your honeymoon.


No unrealistic expectations, please

There is only one thing on the honeymoon agenda – sex. But even so, it doesn’t make sense to harbour unrealistic expectations (like insisting on staying in the room to have sex the entire day). Dr Martha Lee, sexologist and founder of Eros Coaching advises: “Your honeymoon symbolises the beginning of a new life together. It should begin with light, love and laughter – whether you are strolling the streets of a busy city, skiing on a mountain, or backpacking in the countryside. So your honeymoon should be more than just about sex, it should also involve some degree of fun and enjoying each other’s company too.”

Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze

If you haven’t heard about Kegels, it is about time you do. First developed by American gynaecologist Dr Arnold Kegel, this is a form of exercise that consists of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles that support the uterus, bladder and bowels. Whether you’re a man or a woman, Kegels can do wonders for your sex life. For women, these muscles can be weakened by pregnancy and childbirth, which in turn means less pleasure in bed. Doing Kegels can greatly improve the chances of achieving orgasms (and more intense orgasms at that!). For men, such workouts can lead to stronger erections. To practise, just squeeze for about 10 seconds each time and perform sets of five. Ideally, you should hit 10 Kegels thrice daily. Practice every time you make a trip to the washroom!

Pack romantic essentials

For a quality romp in the sack, you will need to make some preparations to set the mood. Pack essentials like scented candles, sexy lingerie, sex toys, an iPod with portable speakers and a playlist of soft music, massage oils and lubricants. And how about adding a bottle of chilled champagne as well as nibbles like chocolates, strawberries and of course, the all-essential whipped cream? On the practical side, you may want to consider bringing birth control if you are not planning to have children yet.


Talk dirty

The ability to moan, gasp, sigh and talk seductively is no easy task. But saying a few sexy lines between the sheets can be a serious turn-on. To do so successfully, remember not to be the slightest bit ashamed (or you may end up sounding awkward). First, try getting into the right mood by putting on some sensual tunes. Then take it slow and relax – hug and cuddle each other – before starting off with some sultry sounds (like a soft moan). When you get more comfortable, you can try to get more explicit by whispering a breathy “So… what do you want to do now?” Be honest about what you want to do or what you want to be done to you.

Play an adult board game in bed

One way to ensure marathon foreplay is to bring a board game to bed. Try the Bedroom Game ($59,, a naughty little game that involves each of you rolling the dice and drawing cards with erotic commands like licking whipped cream off each other. Or, try Foreplay in a Row ($49;, a game similar to Connect Four. Just get four discs in a row – ertically, horizontally or diagonally to win. The loser has to turn the ideas – like “Naked Pillow Fight!” – into reality for the winner. Before you start any game, consider laying out the romantic essentials you have brought along on your trip first.

Sex up your smartphone

In this day and age, there’s an app for everything (and this includes your sex life). So if you have an Apple iPhone or an Android smartphone, consider downloading some sex apps to try out during your honeymoon. For instance, the password-protected iKamaSutra Lite (Free, App Store) allows you to discover and track new sex positions. You can even shake the phone to generate a random sex position. Or, download Spice Dice (Free, App Store) by condom company Durex. You just have to spin the “dice” and follow its corresponding, and rather kinky commands. There are even recommendations of complementary products like lubes and vibes too.

Try new things

During your honeymoon, make it a point to try new things in bed. After all, this is the time when most people would be a lot more receptive sexually. So try out sensual acts like taking a bubble bath together or giving each other erotic massages. Then, work it up a notch – play with sex toys (vibrators, blindfolds, and the like), act out each other’s sexual fantasies or attempt sex positions out of your usual repertoire. If you’re the adventurous type, why not take the act out of the bed and do it on the floor or in the private swimming pool? Just be creative (but legal!).


Laugh about those fun times

The great thing about honeymoon sex is that it will always be inked on your memories, even if you messed up a little in bed or made a little too much noise. What is more important is that you enjoy honeymoon sex for what it is – making love to the person you’ve committed yourself to. Dr Lee adds: “And in the years ahead, there will always be more to learn about each other. But the happy memories of your honeymoon will keep your hearts together through the good times and bad.”

Keep things sexy at home

Even as your honeymoon sex is fun, relaxed and oh-so-good, it shouldn’t be the best sex of your life. Remember to look to the future and keep working on your sex life – it is only too easy to fall into a rut with the missionary position (yawn!). Even as the both of you adjust to married life—with its never-ending spiral of household chores and dual-demanding careers—make sure you continue to set aside quality time to snuggle up to each other and connect both emotionally and physically.

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How To Make Honeymoon Sex Even Better