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September 2011

The Right Month To Get Married!

There are 12 months in a year to choose from for your special day, each with its benefits and challenges. How do you choose and what should you consider? SingaporeBrides speaks to 12 couples who got married in each of the 12 months respectively; they share the pros and cons on getting wed in each of the months. Enjoy! THE JANUARY BRIDE June Wan and Chris Toh, both in the publishing line, had a January wedding with over 300 people where music was the most important element. The groom and his now-defunct band played onstage during the reception! The Benefit: “The church was all done up for Chinese New Year so we didn’t need to do any decorating. We didn’t have any problems with the ‘dong dong chiang’ look!” The Challenge: “We had to alter dishes for the reception buffet as some ingredients were not available because of the CNY season. Our wedding dinner took place a week later because all the F&B outlets were booked out for CNY!” THE FEBRUARY BRIDE Stay-at-home mum Joycelyn Kae, and Andy Liu, Financial Manager, chose February because it was right after Chinese New Year. They needed a place that allowed their dog to be present so they had an outdoor wedding at Sentosa. The Benefit: “There are usually not a lot of weddings in the early part of the year so we had the whole place to ourselves and didn’t have to worry about the noise level being too high. We had a full month of celebrations in February – Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, the Chinese Valentine’s Day, then our wedding!” The Challenge: “We did not manage to pay off our wedding with the ang pows collected because most of our guests were broke after distributing CNY Ang Pows!” THE MARCH BRIDE Gina Teo, a Logistics Executive, and Ken Leong, a Civil Servant, followed their parents’ wishes for a wedding held early in the year, and chose March in particular because it was after the Lunar New Year, and before Qing Ming. The Benefit: “Our wedding date coincided with the start of the school holidays; because of that, our guests, particularly those who were teachers, and kids, were able to stay to enjoy the last dish!” The Challenge: “It was also on the same day as the closing of the annual IT show, so many of our guests were not able to show up! Also because of the school holidays, some relatives had to miss our wedding due to holiday arrangements.” THE APRIL BRIDE Lecturer Max Richer and Freelance Writer Adora Tan (Ed: Our very own couple!) based their wedding on a line from the Buddy Holly song “Earth Angel” – ‘I’m just a fool, a fool in love with you,’ – and held their wedding on April Fool’s Day at the SAF Yacht Club, where the bride arrived on a yacht for the wedding solemnisation that was held on the jetty. The Benefit: “April isn’t so much of a popular wedding month, so thankfully none of our guests had ‘wedding overdose’, which meant that they were more relaxed and enjoyed themselves more.” The Challenge: “We had people calling us up to make sure it wasn’t an April Fool’s joke! Thankfully everyone showed up.” THE MAY BRIDE Madeline Heng, a Graduate Student, and Keith Lee, a Senior Microbiologist, married with a church wedding in May, and a wedding banquet a day after. The Benefit: “Photographers say that the sky is bluer between April and May so it’s a great time for outdoor photography!” The Challenge: “May seems to be peak period so there were few discounts to be enjoyed. Also, our wedding was held on a Saturday, the day just after Labour Day, so many of our intended guests were away on short holidays.” THE JUNE BRIDE Managers Ian Lau and Antonia Tan chose to get married on 06 June 2006 as it was “666”, a lucky number considered by many Chinese. The Benefit: “It’s a holiday month so people are generally more relaxed.” The Challenge: “June is a rather popular month for weddings so our biggest hurdle was to find a hotel we liked as most were snapped up way in advance.” THE JULY BRIDE Analyst Celine Low and Finance Manager Chris Lim held their wedding dinner at Szechuan Dou Hua at the 60th floor of OUB Plaza in July. The Benefit: “Our wedding coincided with the National Day Parade rehearsal, so our guests were able to enjoy the magnificent display of fireworks.” The Challenge: “Because it was the National Day rehearsal, many of our guests were delayed due to road blocks and traffic jams. We only managed to start dinner at 8pm, and it was only a dinner of 10 tables!” THE AUGUST BRIDE Stay-at-home mum Daphne Ng and entrepreneur Lin Daoyang chose the month of August based on a geomancer’s recommendations. They had a black-and-red themed wedding at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with 46 tables of guests. The Benefit: “It was two days before the Lunar 7th month so hotel prices were lower. That may have been the reason why the hotel was still available on that day.” The Challenge: “It was the start of the English Premier League! We had some good-natured complaints about missing matches to attend our wedding. But we booked everybody well in advance as it was a National Day weekend and we anticipated people taking leave to go for a long weekend.” THE SEPTEMBER BRIDE Associate Director Alicia Leow and Director Colin T chose to wed in September because that month marked the start of their romance. They had a casual party for the younger crowd in one room and a formal sit-down dinner for the older folks in another at the Four Seasons Hotel. The Benefit: “It was right after the Lunar 7th month so everyone, guests and planners alike, was geared to celebrate weddings!” The Challenge: “Many other couples thought the same way so we had to fight for everything – wedding planners, hotels, and clashing dates with friends who had other weddings to attend!” THE OCTOBER BRIDE For Retail Sales Associate Nicholas Koh and Customer Service Officer Yvonne Goh, colour was of utmost importance; they chose a black-and-pink themed wedding to represent their favourite colours, and celebrated with a wedding banquet at the Regent Hotel. The Benefit: “We were able to have a year-end wedding while avoiding the busy months of November and December, where many of our guests would have work commitments or holiday plans due to the school holidays.” The Challenge: “You might find yourself getting married on a rainy day!” THE NOVEMBER BRIDE Engineer Samuel Ng and Real Estate Executive Daisy Ng chose a November wedding because they wanted a year-end wedding. They had a church wedding with 350 guests and a dinner buffet. The Benefit: “Having a year-end wedding in November instead of December allowed for our guests to attend our wedding without having to disrupt their travel plans as many people planned to travel in December.” The Challenge: “November was still an extremely popular month for weddings and events it seemed. We checked out a few hotels and CHIJMES but they were all booked!” THE DECEMBER BRIDE Administrative Officer Maria Chia and Army Officer Derrick s/o Rajamanickam chose to get married in December because Maria loved the beauty, magic and fuzzy feeling of Christmas. The Benefit: “The weather was cooler and the Christmas lights everywhere just made everything even more special.” The Challenge: “We knew we start planning early because December was a popular month. So we booked for our venue a whole year in advance!”