Your Photographer: 16 Questions to Ask

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  1. aplle

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    extract from :

    Your wedding pictures will define your memories of the big day for the rest of your life, so it's very important to choose the right photographer. To help you make the best choice, we've compiled a list of 16 questions to ask potential photographers.

    1. What's the photographer's primary style -- traditional, candid, or posed? (Go for someone whose forte is your favorite style.)

    2. What's the photographer's philosophy about shooting weddings? (This question will give you an idea of the shutterbug's expertise and passion for his work.)

    3. Does the photographer shoot in color, black and white, or both?

    4. How independent is the photographer? Does she prefer that you describe exactly what you want, or would she rather have free rein to capture the festivities on film? (This point determines how you two will work together.)

    5. Will the photographer you talk with be the one who actually takes your wedding pictures? (This is crucial! Each photographer's style is unique.)

    6. Has the photographer shot many weddings? (Experts say a wedding neophyte is a risk. You want someone who's experienced with wedding mechanics and won't miss key moments.)

    7. How many weddings will the photographer shoot on your wedding weekend (or even on your wedding day)?

    8. Is the photographer open to a list of must-take photos (pictures you definitely want shot)?

    9. How does the photographer determine price? By the number and kind of prints you think you'll want, the hours the photographer spends on your wedding, the developing time, or a combination of the above factors? How many rolls of film will be shot, and how many proofs and final prints will result? Are packages available? Can you get a price list?

    10. What kinds of cameras does the photographer use? (This will acquaint you with the photographer's experience and knowledge.)

    11. What kind of lighting and other equipment (such as tripods) does the photographer use? Does the photographer bring backup equipment in case of emergency?

    12. Does the photographer develop his own film? How long does he keep negatives? Can you buy your negatives from the photographer?

    13. Ask yourself: Does this seem like a person you could tolerate throughout your wedding day? You'll want to feel very comfortable around your photographer. Rapport is important with all wedding professionals, but it's crucial here!

    14. Carefully examine each photographer's past work (the book). Be sure you're looking at work shot by this particular photographer, not by other professionals who work at the same studio.

    15. Notice whether:

    photos are framed and centered well

    photos are over- or underexposed

    lighting is effective

    details are visible

    people look comfortable and relaxed

    16. Call references and ask:

    Were you satisfied overall?

    Did the photographer get the shots you wanted?

    Has the photographer responded promptly to orders?

  2. olive

    olive New Member

    thanks for the tips! [​IMG]

    i'm using ray ong fm photolanguage.

    btw, do u get yr own transport for outdoor photography?
  3. eternity

    eternity New Member

    can i know if you are engaging Kelvin or Bernard from Beetles@work and why?

    i am also considering them.

    Thanks !
  4. aliciatansk

    aliciatansk New Member

    Hi all,

    Am new at this thread. Am looking for a photographer for my wedding this year. Anyone that you can recommend? Thanks!
  5. dottyback

    dottyback New Member

    Hi cia

    u've got mail!
  6. aliciatansk

    aliciatansk New Member

  7. dottyback

    dottyback New Member

    hi cia

    i haf re-sent 2 u oreadi
  8. cinnet26

    cinnet26 New Member

    Do we really need to meet up with the photographer b4 confirming with them?I intend to sign up natural shots but...till now the photographer isn't free to meet us...wat shd we do?
  9. demure

    demure New Member

    Hi Cindy

    I strongly suggest u try to meet up with the photographer coz unless u meet him face-to-face, u won't know whether u can click with him or not. sometimes no matter how good the photographer is reputed to be, if u and FH can't click with him, his shots won't be tat good coz don't forget, u guys gotta smile into his camera n the photos will show if u are forcing the smile. your 6th sense will also come in useful when u meet face-to-face with him.

    don't mind me saying this, if the photographer can't be bothered to make time to meet u, wat makes u so sure he'll be committed to u once u sign up with him?
  10. chamonique

    chamonique New Member

    Hi Cindy,

    What demure say is quite true. But there are also some whose before and after sales services are totally a great change after you have paid the deposit. I had bad experience with Natural Shot and in the end I rather forgo my deposit cos quite pissed w them. I did not have any faith that they would do a good job for my wedding photos.

    Do take note of the deposit amount that u need to pay cos some photographers charge quite a hefty and also the cancellation clause.
  11. panggou

    panggou New Member

    hi ladies, do you think it is impt to meet the photographer face-to-face? so far i think for natural shots, only the coordinator will meet us. she mentioned that no need to meet the photographer himself. not sure if it is true.

    i have shortlisted stefine too, will pay a visit after CNY
  12. zann

    zann New Member


    personally, i think is better to meet him/her.
  13. panggou

    panggou New Member

    hi zann, thanks!
  14. demure

    demure New Member

    Hi Winne

    like I said earlier, I think its VERY IMPT to meet the photographer coz u''ll be leaving everything in his hands on your big day n u want to be sure tat u can trust him
  15. panggou

    panggou New Member

    hi demure, thanks, thus, i will not go natural shots already. will just go and take a look at stefine. tedious to sort out this thing cos i want a one stop shop for video and photo...
  16. demure

    demure New Member

    Hi Winnie

    tell me abt it!!!! I was so glad when I finally settled on my AD photographer and videographer (both are from separate places) coz it was such a mega headache! [​IMG]
  17. panggou

    panggou New Member

    hello demure, yeap i think it is a headache to get from separate places, gosh still have to weigh the cost separately and ensure that they turn up and wont get into each other way, that means should preferable have some chemistry hehehe.
  18. toxicbaby

    toxicbaby New Member


    I am new to this forum, i am looking for AD photograher and videographer, any recommedation?

    Thinking of Fabian Lim for Videographer - any comments???
  19. minssy

    minssy New Member

    hi teresa,

    you can read threads on 'cheap photographer & videographer'. bound to find some good contacts there..
  20. rainbow

    rainbow New Member

    Hi Teresa,

    We engaged Fabian as our AD videographer! Must say that we are extremely pleased with his work! Altho we paid a premium for his service, we felt its all worth it! [​IMG]
  21. meh_meh

    meh_meh New Member

    Hi rainbow,

    Dun mind...could you pls let me hv the contact no. of your photographer, Fabian. Thks a lot! Pls email me at

    Hope to hear from you soon.
  22. astrogirl

    astrogirl New Member

    Hi, Rainbow!

    Mind sharing with me your Ray's contact details? Any website? Thanks!
  23. tpang

    tpang New Member

    Is a topup required before we get all the AD photographs instead of only the printed ones the AD photographer provides together with the album?
  24. minssy

    minssy New Member

    hi teck kang pang,

    no its not required in general. however, different PGs have different practices.
  25. jesslee

    jesslee New Member


    Could you email me the contact as well ? as i m looking for a Good PG and VG for my AD.
  26. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    not sure if this thread is active. What do u think of this situation when you hire the photographer in Spore to go overseas for photoshoot? Prior to buying airtickets, he tells the client that he wants to extend his stay after the shoot bcos he wants to holiday with his partner. During the photoshoot period, the client and the photographer stays in Uncle A's house. one week later when the shoot is over, the photographer approach Uncle A to ask if he can stay at his house (of course photographer pays rent.) Bcos Uncle A thought the photographer was a friend of the client, Uncle A agrees to let him stay rent free. Client knows about this incident much much later. Do you think the photographer's action is weird? Has he got no courtesy to tell the client abt his intention to stay Uncle A's house? The client feels like she is being used. What you reckon? You think the photographer's behaviour is acceptable?
  27. newbie777

    newbie777 New Member

    hi blue....

    since i am goin to do that too, I thought i would join in and ask some questions... so just asking who was your photographer and yes i will be paying his airfare and accom but you paid for the wife to fly there as well? woow

    I think he should at least inform you first and if your relationship with the photographer is really good, then you should be the one asking your uncle lor... its only right... but you should at least tell your photographer that he should have told you before hand...
  28. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    hi jenny,

    Just trying to reason out the whole situation. The client did not pay for his partner airfare. His partner meet him later after the "photograph assignment." at his own expense.

    Anyway the whole situation is defused now. it is one of those moral situations where one dunno if it is right or wrong or just plain weird.

    Sorry i can't say who the photographer is.

    Hope you had a great time with ur photographer overseas!!
  29. newbie777

    newbie777 New Member

    Hi blue...

    thanks for that. so we should be sure that we let them know the boundaries clearly hor... especially when my photographer is not from some "big time" studio type oso. I am also thinking of having the same photographer for my overseas shoot and actual day as well, what are the benefits of that, do you think its a good idea? what else should we look out for during overseas shoot. Are we suppose to foot all transport fees and meals too?> can anyone email me some shots of perth PS as well?
  30. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    hi Jenny,

    My photographs are taken in Malaysia.

    Can't help you much though.....
  31. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    Hi Jenny,
    who is your photographer? i was not expecting anyone to reply to my posts. ha ha ha.... you replied it well. it was just a "thinking aloud" moment. ;)

    Do you really wanna know who is my photographer? i think he takes good pictures. I may start a thread praising his skills. What do you think?
  32. squiddy

    squiddy New Member


    can;t help but notice the situation. so Jenny.... who is your photographer? why do you say he is not a "big time" photographer? where did you find him?

    For me, i feel that the photographers' advertisement must be good so that it will attract other people's notice. and then hor....u can decide for yourself whether the photographer is worth ur money.....

    service also very important l;ah....mmust notice if he is late for appointments and things like that. whether he can click with you....blah blah....
  33. newbie777

    newbie777 New Member

    hi squiddy.....

    my photographer pang is recomended by a friend... he freelances and doesnt have a studio... but saw his work quite good... but i am still exploring lor.. i dun wan those big studio pp cuz they are inflexible and expensive too.... you gave very good points..

    i thought your photos are taken in australia... i am damn blur now... you took them in malaysia>?? is someone else using your nic? cuz i though you mention you learn your makeup from ros & roy... cuz i wanted to ask how much it cost... who is this mysterious photographer..? any works can share?
  34. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    hi Jenny,

    So you actually went to check on my previous entry? wow...
  35. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    why did u not post your makeup queries in that thread instead?
  36. newbie777

    newbie777 New Member

    Hi Blue..

    no lah.. never check.. just saw it on this thread >>>Anyone doing overseas photoshoot without bridal boutique, only photographer>

    ayyah.. didnt know the rules of posting... sorry, I hope i did not upset you with my questions.. just a very uncertain bride lah.. my fiance also say i very mafarn... sigh... maybe i shouldnt get married hor.. i wanted to post there but i was just mentioning cuz i am confused who I am speaking to leh... so should i post there?

    haha... i am looking for actual day photographer too... maybe skalee we actually endup with the same one.. hahah
  37. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    hi jenny,

    what makes you say that we will end up having the same photographer???

    Dun understnad you ....
  38. newbie777

    newbie777 New Member


    no lah... "skalee"... joking only lah... what are the chances of that.... no cuz you say yours is very nice mah.[​IMG]. and i havent decided... so why not hae a look lor.. since my is next year..
  39. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    hi Jenny,

    so you going to perth to take photos?
  40. newbie777

    newbie777 New Member

    at the planning stage.... is it nice... i heard must drive long long to see nice nice scenery... isit true? you see the photographer i thought of using has not been to perth so i also unsure.
  41. barbapapa

    barbapapa New Member

    hi jenny,

    if you have been to the location, then u tell him where to take pics loh...

    why go there to take pics?
  42. pinkcandy

    pinkcandy New Member

    Dear blue

    To answer your question, my sister was posed in a similar situation too. She is singaporean but her hubby is canadian, and they married there. She flew the photographer over to canada (i'm using him too for my rom and ad but in singapore). The original arrangement was for her to pay for his return airticket, and accomodation.

    However, closer to my sister's wedding day, he received another overseas booking in canada, 1 week apart. So he helped made the arrangements to help us cut cost - each couple only paid 50% of the airfare, and his accomodation during the wedding period. Rather than flying back and to canada again, he help saved our costs and footed the remaining hotel charges for a week by himself.

    So in the end, it was a very good deal for the both my sister, and the other couple.
  43. newbie777

    newbie777 New Member

    thanks... i getting some good advice from another friend who did overseas shoot..... will share when things get closer
  44. pianojazz

    pianojazz New Member

    Hi jenny
    Can i have the contacts of pang and how much he charges?
  45. danadele

    danadele New Member

    yo!! this thread still active?? juz wanna check wif you gals & guy that ur AD PG have how many photographers??? is there a need to have 2 PGs & wat is the benefit of having 2??
  46. natyeo

    natyeo New Member

    strawberries: sometimes having 2 PGs might get in the way of things, i used to have this kiasu mentality to have 2, just in case... after seeing what happened to friend who had 2 PG, stick to 1 better lah, both don't have to wrestle with each other to get the best angles, and i personally don't lilke to see another camera man in the pictures other than my own relatives :D

    some couple hire 2 because primary one doesn't do group photos. else you end up with a lot of overlaps or 2 sets of stylistically different photos.

    my person take is, rather than hiring 2, spend the $ to hire 1 really good one.
  47. genecheng

    genecheng New Member

    For those who are contemplating hiring two photographers, it would be good to hire two who have worked with each other before (whether or not same studio).

    Like what natyeo said, there is a chance two may cross each other's paths. If two are familiar with each other, they would useful have agreed on the things and perspectives to cover hence fully capitalising on the usefulness of having two photographers.

  48. jessipper

    jessipper New Member

  49. jedilim

    jedilim Member

    hi I am looking for budget package for AD photography, price range abt $500- 800. are there any good recommendations for this price range?
  50. nicolenai

    nicolenai New Member

    anyone has any comments or worked with Captured Moments for PG n VG before??

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