York Hotel


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just want to post a review on york hotel.
food tasting overall was too salty.
Surprisingly on AD, everyone said the food was good.
I'm happy with my wedding at york hotel.
it was held at rosemarie hall.
only thing.. erm. stage abit small.
the rest is fine!


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Hi ShuHui,

can check with hows the feel of the banquet and the bridal suite? is it good? can send me some pictures ?

have book carlton hall for next march =) just wanna have a feel of my wedding day =)

thank you
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I'm considering York Hotel as well. Been to a friend's wedding once.
They do not have very fanciful decor, if you are comparing to other hotel.. But the bridal suite is huge.. So if you need a space after your banquet with your friends their bridal suite is definitely good.
Accommodating up to 30pax is not a problem. Service wise i will say not too bad..

Rosemarie Hall has too many pillars and i dont advise to take it.. so if you are considering York Hall, go for the carlton hall. Try to negotiate for it.