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    Hi Wives,

    Have you heard about Yoni Massage ? In a nutshell, it means a sensual massage with a "happy ending" for the women. It starts off with an oil massage on the body before proceeding to an erotic massage of the clitoris and vagina till you orgasm.

    Question. I've chanced upon sites that offer lesson to men on Yoni Massage at a cost - $700 thereabout. I am very keen to learn this skill and apply it on my wife. Will the wives share your views on how you will react if you knew your hubby is secretly learning this skill to use on you ? Will you think your hubby is a pervert or will you be open ( or excited ) to this new skill that could enhance the intimacy between both of you ?

    I like to believe sex is an important ingredient in marriages and since a couple have only each other to themselves sexually, why not make the sex GREAT with varieties ( respecting each other boundaries ) ! I always tell my wife it would be wonderful if we have the sex her girlfriends would be envy of.
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    I've not heard about this massage. I'm not sure how comfortable you are with your wife to openly discuss about intimacy. I've known of couples who don't discuss at all. But personally, I think it's a great idea and I too believe that sex is one way to bring both of you together closer.

    My sex life with my husband has been very monotonous over the years. And given that he has very high sex drive, it made things even worse for me - I dreaded it because I felt more like a whore repeating the same pattern to fulfil his needs when I don't get arouse at all.
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    Repeating the same pattern ? I think you are not alone in this. I am too, for a while. Beside emotional attachment, I think the lack of sexual fulfillment might be high on the list on why married men ( or women ) decide to look outside marriage to satisfy their desire. I do discuss with my wife on intimacy but she is quite a conservative woman. It takes me a while to slowly open her up to possibilities. Of course, I need to catch her at the right moment to bring up intimate topics.

    I agree with you totally that sex will bring a couple closer together, BUT only if its done right. Different stages in life demand different approaches. For a married woman to open up to different possibilities sexually, they must first feel a sense of security and that mainly comes from emotional security and financial. When these two securities are met, a woman do slowly "undress" her inner self to her hubby and that will lead to more sexual fulfillment. I read an article before on why wealthy people have the best sex and financial security is mentioned and I totally agree. When you are least worry, your mood gets better, life improve and you start enjoying your life better and what else could be more enjoyable than great sex !

    I do think Yoni Massage might take a while for my wife to accept but seriously, I am not looking for her acceptance. I do plan to take up this skill in the future and at the moment and planning to use it on her on our next oversea trip ( without our children, of cos ! ). I do hope she react positively from the experience. Finger crossed.
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    Hi, is there any classes recommendation? I do want to try & persuade htb to go....
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    You can explore this link ;


    I believe there might be others courses available elsewhere if you are not comfortable with your hub practising it on a model as this is part of the module in this course. Just google Yoni Massage lesson Singapore and if you find a better one, you can share it here ")
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    erm no offense but seems like the sexual compatibility is not there in your rs from the start.

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