Y.L.S. Buffet Catering


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I got couple of friends to take aways.
Kept some for family too.

What a pity that there's about 80% of mee goreng left. The dish is not even presentable at start already. Hah. Even the fried rice had about 35% remaining. The heavy downpour on last Sat had indeed spoiled the event a little.


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I tried chillipadi recently at my company function. Its very nice.
All the dishes are nice, esp. nonya chap cai, and the kuai pie tie..


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Hi Hi

for buffet catering or normal sit down functions and dinner , you can try Imperial Garden at Yishun SAFRA country club.

Food is nice and location is good!

you could email them at [email protected]



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Hi All,

Any new comments on YLS? How is the food now?

Hoping to get more info, as i'm seriously keen on YLS.



Comparing YLS and Meihao. I think Meihao is better. They dun charge GST while YLS charge GST. The food taste better too.

I was a supporter of eating from YLS, until they started charging for GST ands transport so I went to search for another. I tried Meihao in May 08 for my daughter's 1st mth. Everyone loved the food. =)


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Finally someone answer my query.. thanks Diana..

Please share some comments on Yeh Lai Siang after your boy's party..

Thank you in advance..


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Am looking for a caterer for my upcoming housewarming. Does anyone have recommendations for HALAL-CERTIFIED caterers? We may have Muslims friends coming so although I really love kong ba bao, we may have to cater to them too


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Hi Doramee,
I just had YLS Catering & Yeh Lai Siang Catering for my hsewarming last Sat, 11 Oct. One for lunch & the other for dinner.
Prefer food from Yeh Lai Siang.. Cos of the pricing.. Food wise, both overall are quite good..

This is wat i ordered from Yeh Lai Siang for evening party.
1) Fried Mee Siam- some say is nice some say is not. Personally think is not bad. Portion alot!
2) Prawns Fried with Cashew Nuts- Prawns are big!!
3) Lemon Sliced Fish- Normal. No lemon sauce taste.
4) Curry Chicken- Must Have! V.nice
5) Braised Bean Curd- Not v.good n not v.bad. So so lah...
6) Trellis Vegetable- Hmm..cos is a fried food.. not possible to maintain the crispyness.. so was abit soft.. will taste gd if is serve hot!
7) Baby Kailan- Veg is fresh.
8) Fried Sliced Pork in Thai Style- Can order. Fried to v small piece. My friend dun even noe is pork. Thai sauce is pack seperately in small container. Abit too little.. Maybe can try request for more.
9) Honey Dew with Sago- All friends say is good. except for the honeydew they give abit too little. Scoop up more of the ice rather then the fruit.
Oh ya.. most impt thing.. I ordered from Mr. Tan. Find him abit blur...confirmed with him over the phone on the no. of stools i wan. Then when the delivery man come.. no stools stated in the invoice. Luckily my hse is @ Bedok near their shop. So took them around 30-45mins to come back with the stools. So pls remind him or maybe re chk with him your order 1 dae before delivery to avoid tis problem.

hmm.. for YLS Catering, forgot wats my orders, only remember a few, list not with me now. But remember curry not tat good. Maybe is bcos I told them to sent at 10.30am & my plc is near them... They hv not enuff time to cook lah.. so the chicken is abit too hard not tat frangrant.
Then their Yam Paste is a must try, must order... v nice.. all my relative like it. Was the first to clear finished. Also their sambal fish.. yummy too.. not too spicy


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Hello All,

Yeh Lai Siang non-Halal right?? Sad.. coz I've to cater Halal food (hi-tea) for my muslims friends.. Any good recommendation???


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Anyone had ordered from Yeh Lai Siang before? Hos their service, food and portion? If I have about 50-55 pax eating, how many pax do I have to order? Had placed an order for this sunday lunch with them but need to know whether need to "upsize" the portion or not. Thanks in advance.


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hi, any more feedback for yeh lai siang, or anything that we need to take note of or must-try dishes?

TIA for the sharing!


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we just ordered from yeh lai siang. The food was good and the guests complimented. The must try r the braised duck, fried mee siam and pepper prawns. Most of the dishes were snapped up at the end of the buffet and yes most people are right about the drinks being gone much before the end of buffet.


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Thanks for the recommendation yummmy. First time I see a caterer listing that can search for catering packages from different caterers by budget.. amazing. will try foodline.sg for my next event.


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Just had YLS in Nov for a small party at home..Food is not bad but its just that the things we ordered is not wat I expected though...Food although not bad but still abit disappointed..


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Hmmmm maybe YLS was too busy for this period of time. When did you order?

Actually eatZ catering is a comparable choice too.


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Had my GDL yesterday and ordered YLS for catering for 30pax. Per pax was $20. At first didn't mind paying so much for a pax as there were sharks' fin, top shell with veg., flower crab..etc. But was truly truly disappointed by the quality of the food and the setting up. Items breakdown as follow:

1) Metal casing covers were so dirty my dad had to re-wash and clean them. So unhygenic.
2) Sharks' fin was so salty that every one was complaining.
3) Gong bao big prawns were so small!! If not big in the first place just put gong bao prawns then every one is happy right? So misleading! And supposed to be gong bao, not plain SUGAr prawns. They were so sweet i didn't know if it was dessert or main dish.
4)Fried rice with crabmeat - Just normal fried rice and it was fried with soy sauce. Some parts were brown, some parts only has plain white rice.
5)Black pepper flower crab - Very nice!!
6)Or Nee Dessert - Very nice!!Not to sweet and was first to be snapped up.
7)Fruit punch - Good! Not diluted at all.
8) Paper Plates and forks and spoons and bowls very sufficient.

However, they were very punctual. In fact only 1 person carried everything up.

Upset with the price paid and the service received. I think this is a fair critique i will be leaving it as a feedback to the company.


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I have bad experience with YLS too.
Wanted them to come at 12pm but they say they are packed and can only deliver the food at 1030am. End up they were earlier and by the time my guest started eating at 12plus the food is already not warm liao...and the fried stuff are very soggy.
I was really quite paiseh to my guests for the not-up-to-standard food.
I should have rejected them when they told me they can come so early. Never thought too far. Now feeling quite sour about it


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Hihi, me too!

Anybody recommend any of the below?

1) YLS
2) yeh lai Siang
3) foodtalk
4) kim's kitchen (saw from channel 8 variety show)

I'm having around 80-90 pax and budget maybe $8+/-

But its peak period, 31 dec. =(


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ordered YLS catering just last sun... food was soso oni even if its chef's recommendation. $10.80/pax not worth the price.


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I attended a baby shower and YLS was the caterer.
Food wasn't as good as what it's raved here leh...

I tried and like Elise Kitchen and Kusine Catering alot more..

Kuisine Catering was showed on channel U recently..
More reviews on YSL catering? There are mixed reviews and those good reviews usually come from new joiner? So i hope to gather more reviews of YSL catering before i choose YSL , NeoGarden or meihao99


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Ordered last friday from YLS Catering for my event. I have been using their service 4-5 years back and their service and food quality(especially Braised Pork with bun) has never disappoint me before. The quantity was more than sufficient. All of my relatives have also been convinced by their service and standard! Thumbs up!


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Placed an order with YLS Catering last weekend with their promotion. Food was surprisingly nice especially their maggie noodle topped with curry chicken. Ended well with their yam paste! Must try!


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Ordered again from YLS 2 weeks back. Their standard were consistent and were as good as the last time i ordered from them.
Good price, Good food!