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Does anyone order the buffet without the warmer setup pls share with me if the food is cold by the time it reach. I actually want to order for my tea ceremony whereby relatives can come my hse can eat.

Anyone there?


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Does anyone order the buffet without the warmer setup pls share with me if the food is cold by the time it reach. I actually want to order for my tea ceremony whereby relatives can come my hse can eat.

Anyone there?


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I've actually placed my order for FIL bday buffet on 5/8. I took the 10/pax.

Took the following dishes:
Sinzhou Bee Hoon
Curry chicken
Black pepper fish slice
Butter prawns
Plum sauce pork
Prawn Sauce Chicken
Braised Bean Curd
Kailan Mushroom
Salad You Tiao
Almond Jelly

Anyone can advise if the dish i selected tried and tested before? from previous post i tink have to call YLS again to chk on their braised beancurd.


Sinzhou Bee Hoon <-- nvr tried (we tried the mee goreng, abit wet. But the pineapple fried rice never fails!)
Curry chicken <-- not bad (their curry mutton also good)
Black pepper fish slice <-- basically it's fried fish and some black pepper sauce. Not fantastic. U might want to try sambal...etc
Butter prawns <-- okay. If in warmer then fine, if serve on tray..will be COLD
Plum sauce pork <-- again like the fried fish. It's fried then place plum sauce
Prawn Sauce Chicken <-- okay
Braised Bean Curd <-- i find not too bad
Kailan Mushroom <-- dun know. We normally order the spinach + mushroom which is good
Salad You Tiao <-- okay. If in warmer then fine, if serve on tray..will be COLD
Almond Jelly <-- nvr try

Food that I always take:
- Braised pork + bun
- Curry Chicken
- Orh Nee (very good)
- Pineapple Rice
- Curry Mutton
- Spinach with Mushroom
- Sea coconut + jelly (I think)
- Sambal fish/prawn/sotong
- Braised bean curd + mince meat

That's all I can remember.


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Hey thx for all the feedback &amp; recommendation, icebaby!

can let me know after your FIL bday buffet how is it? My son's bday party is in Oct. Thx


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Hi All

I got no major complain or hiccups for food in YLS but their decoration part need some improvement. My sister cater from them for baby full month.
I won't consider them for my big day and that's for sure!
Their tablecloth and skirting looks so messy and low class and cheapskate.


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No prob Yippee..will update aft the buffet.

Anyway i've chged some of the dishes after readin post from icebaby.

Changed Beehoon to Fried Pineapple rice, kailan mushroom to sea cucumber mushroom, black pepper fish to sambal fish, almond jelly to orh ni.



Well, I think it all depends on people's taste. For us, the food is rather reasonable and affordable. So far our family members are okay with the food. But orh nee cannot fail. HAHA


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Ya icebaby,
i tink itz really affordable as there's no delivery charge so in a way cheaper than many others tat i have tried before...will see how it goes if all's well definitely will get it for some other family functions liao

Anyway, the lady from YLS is rather frenly when she called me to confirm my order and did make some suggestion on the food tat i selected.


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hi all, juz fin the bday celebration for my FIL.

Overall 8/10.

YLS logistic:
>One day Pre-delivery confirmation from YLS lady is excellent service.
>Arrival time punctual.
>Delivery/set-up man frenly.
>Silky red skirting for table.
>For my 30pax 10course menu, 3 tables set up with 5 warmer trays and 3 big silver tray for fried stuff.

YLS Menu:
>Orh ni, curry chicken EXCELLENT
>Others all satisfactory, but I'd advise not to order prawn sauce chicken and salad you tiao.
>Food is more than enough as actual attendance around 21adults and 7kids.
>Drinks cleared in 2hrs time.

I'd definitely order from YLS again in future for my family gatherings..


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Hi ringadingling
Thx for your detailed update &amp; so promptly too.
With your feedback, I now feel more comfortable to order from YLS. Thx once again!


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Hey yippee...that's my personal view la...hee..but my hb said he preferred the previous caterer i got during our hse warming...cuz he feel that YLS dishes quite salty.


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hi Ladies

I am organising a hse warming so need a reliable and affortable caterers..other than YLS, any other caters tht are good too?

What abt Liang Food?


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Hi gals
My sis ordered YLS for her housewarming party last Sat, so I manage to try out the dishes before deciding whether to order for my baby's party. Here's our "verdict".
- Braised pork + bun (good)
- Braised duck (good)
- Curry Chicken (good)
- Orh Nee (good)
- Bee hoon (OK)
- Fried chk wings (OK)
- Fried xiao long bao (so so)
- Mutton with green pepper (mutton very tough)
- Sea cucumber with Mushroom (so so)
- Butter prawn (so so)

- delivery persons are friendly BUT they forgot to tell us where they put the covers for trays (they store them under the buffet table without telling us). So we end up never cover the trays &amp; food gets cold faster

- agree drinks cannot last the whole session


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hi everyone,
I am organising my bb full mth on oct and thought of getting buffet frm y.s.l but dunnoe how's the food and is the portion big...Hoping that anyone had tried it recently can give me some advice and feedbacks.


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Can anyone pls advise if yls food is nice &amp; portion wise todate cos thinking of catering their lunch buffet for AD wedding


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Hi All,

I tot of place order with YLS catering for my wedding lunch buffet at in law's place. Can I hv comments on the food before I place order with them on Monday? THank for yr help!

Food going to order:-

Fried Bee Hoon
Sweet &amp; Sour Sliced Fish
Bean Curd w/Minced Meat
Curry Chicken
Soya Sauce Braised Duck
Sambal Prawn
Braise Pork w/Bun
Lohan Vegetable
Deep Fried Xiao Long Pau
Honey Dew w/ sago



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i order YLS catering for my bb boy 1 yr birthday. Their food and service not so fantatic.. All those chef recommended also soso only.. Nothing special. I order Select on my bb Boy full month guest comments is gd. as this time round I try YLS catering.. well.. none of my guest say is good.. And most of the food turn cold even with warmer provided. Total duration for my party is only abt 3hr


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<font color="aa00aa">hmm that's funny. i first tried YLS's food at a fren's hsewarming and was already impressed. then i ordered them for my wedding, none of the guests complained and in fact most of them grabbed lunch boxes to tabao home


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hi all,

I second antistalker's comments. I tried YLS on many occasions and they have never failed to deliver. Their high tea corporate buffet was the first time I tried their food. It was excellent and they kept refilling the food till my ex colleagues were all so full after the seminar.

My best buddy also ordered for her wedding in Oct and chose the chef recommendations.. the food was great as well.

For my own wedding this mth, I ordered as well from YLS. But I only chose a few chef's recommendations. I took the pork belly (kong ba bao) and to be frank.. it was ALL OUT within 1 hr when the luncheon started!! And my guests did not tabao home because.. all the food is FINISHED except for fruit punch.. ha ha ha ha ha...

For the price I am paying.. YLS is an excellent caterer for value for money.


i guess it all depends on expectations. There are some food in YLS that isn't very nice (I mean not up to standard - my own opinion) but the food that I normally order is pretty good.

Anyway, going to order for my son's birthday again. For the price I pay, it's pretty worthwhile.


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Any one tried YLS recently? Any feedback? Hopefully their standard is still the same coz i am intending to try their for my ROM. Any ideas do they have extra tables and chairs for rental?


Just ordered from YSL.
The food is still pretty okay to my standard. No GST. Problem is that if it's for wedding, u had better get better skirtings, etc. Because their "deco" isn't fantastic and old. LOL. So if want good presentation, u might want to ask them if they can use other skirting (which i doubt they have) or use another company such as Neo Garden, Oh Farms, etc


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I can attest to Perry's Chocolate Fondue 93848982
A great starter for weddings..
The Kids luv it
and the Overgrown kids die for it.

It will be the talk of the wedding..
and the kids will not rush the parents to go home

Birthday parties &amp; office functions are also
a must..cos these overgrown kids..just can't resist them

He's also a real estate Advisor - very professional.. so if you're thinking of buying/renting/selling a new or old condo/hdb.
call him


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hi all,

My cousin is thinking of ordering fm YLS for her bb daughter full month. Any recent feedback abt them?

Appreciate ur reply. Tks!


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Below is my feedback of YLS which I ordered for my baby's full mth for yesterday afternoon.

1. Food quantity wise - I ordered for 80pax and end up 73 pax including children turned up. There wasn't much food left (we also prepared our own glutinous rice, ang ku kuehs and eggs), I couldn't image what happen if all my 80 pax turn up, the food may not be enough.

2. Below are the dishes I ordered:
* Fried Rice - very very saltish, LEFT 1/3 TRAY
* Fish with spring onion &amp; ginger- very saltish. LEFT 1 PLATE.
* Curry chicken - okay, NO LEFTOVER
* Cuttlefish with Sambal - good, NO LEFTOVER
* Sweet Sour Pork - little bit Saltish - LEFT 1/2 PLATE.
* Lohan Veg - okay, LEFT 1.5 PLATE
* Hot cheng Tng - very very sweet, LEFT 1 BIG TRAY
(Plate refers to those normal disposable plate size)

3. Although ordered 80 pax, all dishes came in 1 big tray except rice, curry chicken and cheng tng came in 2 trays. Drink came in 2 containers. Disposable cups and bowl, fork spoons etc 100 pcs.

However, "yi feng qian yi feng huo", can't complain much for S$6 per pax. I find overall acceptable, may need to order more or prepare some food yourself or else portion may not be enough.

I think Neo garden is better (my brother ordered for his baby's full mth in Dec 2006). Ordered 80 pax, all dishes came in 2 trays @ S$11.00+.


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Oh thanks for the review, DD.

I am thinking of trying out their mini buffet for the my coming bday before deciding to get them cater for my ROM or not in June.


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Hi all,

My updates on having a recent mini buffet with them.

Prompt service and good customer service.

Ordered dishes below for 15pax @ $10/head (8 dishes).

1. Pineapple Rice - Good taste, slightly oily.
2. Black Pepper Prawns - Sea Prawns so still taste sweet &amp; fresh but pepper not strong.
3. Plum Sauce with chicken - Not bad
4. Sambal Sotong - Sotong soft not sure if it's made to cook that way, taste so-so.
5. Fried Xiao Long Bao - Used vegetarian Char Siew...not bad, not oily thou it's fried.
6. Toufu with Minced Meat - So-so, had the most leftovers (not advisable to order if it's important function cos presentation very common, not that palatable).
7. Curry chicken - Good and superb
8. Fried Kailan with mushrooms - Good and palatable but not very recommended for important functions as it's quite a common dish.

Hope the above helps.


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hi all,

Any recent updates or reviews on this caterer? As i would like to order for my wedding lunch. Thks.


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Had our wedding buffet lunch at hubby &amp; my house last Sat. We took up the normal buffet packages.

Overall, there werent much issue on the poor quality of foods served. I ordered Kong Ba Pau and guests commented it's superb! There was not any foods except for the pineapple rice (a heapful plate left) cos sligthly salty.

However, the spring rolls that we had ordered for tasted slightly sourish. I called up the caterer and the PIC told me they bought them from their supplier and that they were not responsible for it. Had assured me that they will convey the message to their supplier. In this regard, I would have thought the caterer should still bear some responisbility in serving such dish to us and get back to their supplier later. AT least there should have some kind of compensation.

One more issue, hubby ordered sea coconut jelly dessert for their guests and they found one small roach when someone open the lid. Caterer comepensated us by giving us 2 dishes FOC in our next order.


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hi all,

i used YLS for my wedding lunch @ home last dec. overall they are punctual but as mentioned, qty not a lot.. i ordered $10 for 30pax &amp; i find that the food are just so-so only... my personal recommendation is get Neo Garden!!! They are one of the BEST out there! Out of 5 times i ate @ wedding, full months, birthday etc, it is always thumbs up! The portion is also quite huge! And i have decided to get them for my bb full-mth celebration nxt yr! hahaa...


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hello SK (stoutkid), would like to know from you, how is the food as the mini buffet dun come with warmer n tables. Or did u prepare ur own warmer to keep the food warm?


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Hi trazz, YLS advises to best consume the mini buffet dishes within 1-2hours and we did as per their advice.

I had those foil trays placed on my dining table (just nice for the space), with own disposable lining too. Cos it's mini buffet (I rem catered for 15 pax) hence there's not much foods too. Foods were easily finished within 2hrs. =)


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We had YSL for lunch buffet, 100pax. Infact, we only invite 100 but not all turned up.
Either my guests were big eaters or the food was insufficient. Some of them complained not enough.:|

They were punctual and setting up was fast though. The coordinator, Ms Neo, was very accomodating n helpful.


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I will be using YLS for my housewarming for 50-55pax next month. See if they still maintaining the standard or not. Since during festive season, every caterer will increase their price either per pax or transport, so I reckon even if choosing BB, also might incur more cost. You might want to check with them eh.

Anotehr housewarming with relatives will be using FoodTalks. Just had them for my company function last week and it's superly good. Had the healty buffet menu and the prawns dish was like WOW!~~!~~!


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Just ended my 3rd housewarming party also the last one last night. Response was quite bad as almost a quater of our guests could not turn up as it was pouring quite heavily. Had about 30% of foods left from the foods catered by YLS.

Their Kong Ba Bao and chicken curries still the best though reckon that the chix curry was insufficient if all guests were turned up.

Their mee goreng is the lousist. Do note.