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  1. Jyuuu

    Jyuuu Member

    1) Wedding cheongsam / Evening Gown
    Tailor made at $650
    Tailor made for 48kg, 158cm, bust 38C
    Please pm your best price

    2) Men's Jacket / Suit
    Fits M-L, can be altered

    3) Ampoules
    6 vials, expiry 2018
    6 for $12

    4) Custom made Ang Bao box

    5) Brand new wedding glass mugs 1 pair
    Brand new in box

    6) Wedding Tea set

    7) Brand new Wedding basin

    8) Brand new red sewing set

    9) Brand new long ang bao
    Made of card type not paper type
    6pcs for $5

  2. Jjjjj.

    Jjjjj. New Member

    Hi for your ampoules which month in 2018 is the expiry?
  3. takumi

    takumi New Member

    Interested in angpo box
  4. Jyuuu

    Jyuuu Member

  5. babysage

    babysage Member

    Hi i am interested in the ampoules. Please advise me more via email.
  6. Jyuuu

    Jyuuu Member

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