WTS Wedding Package Pan Pac Dec 23 2018

Discussion in 'Banquet Packages' started by Dogloverbao, Aug 2, 2018.

  1. Dogloverbao

    Dogloverbao New Member

    Hi All

    WTS wedding package at Pan Pac on 23rd Dec, I think date can be changed @ pacific ballroom.

    Please contact me for more details, thanks!
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  2. Dogloverbao

    Dogloverbao New Member

    Hi I forgot to mention its a wedding dinner package, thanks
  3. Estherlim89

    Estherlim89 New Member

    My partner and i are looking at getting married on 5 Jan 2019 (Sat). We are looking at hosting for 150-250 guests for a dinner. Can i know how much per table is it? And what is included?

    You can also email me at estherac@live.com

    Thank you!
  4. mghan

    mghan New Member

  5. regalaeros

    regalaeros Member

    Is this still available? I would like to use it mid next year though. possible ?
  6. jasxiaoxi

    jasxiaoxi New Member

  7. cindes

    cindes New Member

    Hi still available will like to know more. thanks
  8. jygoh92

    jygoh92 New Member

    Hi please contact me @ 90065304. Willing to buy at the exact date. Or leave your contact I will get in touch shortly. Let me know thank you.
  9. GeorginaP

    GeorginaP New Member

    PM please. Thanks!

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