WTS Wedding Crafters Ala Carte 2 Gown Rental


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Selling Wedding Crafters Ala Carte 2 Gown Rental @ $1680 total (i.e. $840 per gown).
Usual price is $1880 total ($940 per gown), so effectively $200 discount off.
Got it as same day decisive bride promo. But I guess I'm not decisive after all.
Perfect for those who've been to Wedding Crafters, love their gowns but didn't lock in the same day promo. You can use mine to your advantage (as the saying goes, my loss your gain)! :)

Their gowns are gorgeous and you can rent from the full range, using it for either PW, AD or both (e.g. 1 for PW, 1 for AD). Love their gowns, but my fickle mindedness got me landing at gowns elsewhere!

FYI - Confirmed with Wedding Crafters that package is transferable and able to use it before November 2022 (in fact I didn't confirm my AD date, so it may be shifted further out if needed).

PM if keen! :D