WTS Thomson Wedding (TWC) Gown + Actual Day Photography (10hours) at discounted price!


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Hi All,

Letting go of TWC Actual Day Photography at $3745, inclusive of

Bridal Gown x 1 [TWC range]
Evening Gown x 1 [TWC range]
Kuar x 1
*They have more than 1 range of gowns. TWC range is the more expensive & beautiful gowns.

Gents Coat x 1
Father Coat x 2
Bridal Bouquet x 1
Car Decoration x 2 (decoration only, exclude car/ driver)
Accessories for photo taking include Head Flowers, Necklaces & Earring.
Bridal Makeup x 3 [Trial x 1, Actual Day Morning x 1, and Actual Day Lunch/ Dinner x 1]
To note makeup additional charges for Eyelashes $20 per pair, Ampoules $25 per tube, and if service needs to commence before 7am there is $50/hour surcharge.

Actual Day Photography x 10 hours. Photos in Softcopies.

Open usage till 2023.

Please PM if interested.